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Within the Heavenly realms exist spiritual temples. Places where the truth of God is kept pure, safe from the polluting minds of men. With the proper guide you can spiritually travel to these sacred temples to gain in wisdom, understanding, or in the following case, to receive healing. The price of admission – an open heart.


Divorce can be a difficult experience that may take one a while to work through on different levels. For me it took time and was a process of grieving, healing, and learning to let go. Divine Spirit helped me work through this difficult period. I was given many dreams and other inner experiences in a positive and constructive way. They helped me to keep my heart open, be fair, and honest when interacting with my former husband and sincerely wish him well in his life ahead.

A major healing came while I was at a 3-Day Spiritual Retreat at the Nature Awareness School. Del, my spiritual teacher who is a true Prophet of God, was guiding us on an inner experience where we were blessed with a sacred opportunity. We were spiritually taken to visit one of the spiritual temples that exist in the vast inner worlds of God. These temples are a place where Souls can go to learn, be healed, gain insight, or have other experiences that help them in some way, but one can only get there if taken by an authorized agent of God.

As Del guided us to the temple in our Soul bodies, I noticed a sense of lightness like I was flying. I trusted him, so although this was like exploring new spiritual territory, I did not hesitate to follow. I arrived in what looked like a large rotunda with many arched windows and velvet tapestry. Light streamed into the room from all directions. It was not ordinary physical light, it was the Light of God that illuminated the temple. There was a podium that looked like it should hold a holy book, but instead there was a fountain on it. My former husband was there, he cupped his hands, took water from the fountain and poured it over his head. I looked down at his ankle and heard four links of a chain that had been there fall to the floor. I went to the fountain and did the same, taking some of its living water and poured it over my head. He helped me dry my face and we agreed that all was as it should be as we journeyed separately on our own paths. I said goodbye to him as we left.

This occurred nearly four years after our divorce. God knows us better than we know ourselves. Although outwardly I had gone on with my life, I was still attached at some level and afraid to let go. This experience was a healing one because afterwards, I felt as if I was able to release something I was holding onto. The chain links falling to the floor made me think that perhaps past life karmic ties between us may have also been undone as well. I do not think I could fully comprehend all that happened, but I know the magnitude of the blessings were awesome. I felt freedom, strength, and had courage to move on. The healing waters of the fountain, an aspect of Divine Spirit, originate in the Abode of God, the source of God’s unlimited Love and Mercy. It was truly out of God’s great Love and bountiful Grace and mercy that this miraculous healing could take place when I was ready, and it was through the Prophet that this became so.

I treasure this sacred experience and the very real impact it had on my life. This was an important turning point for me. I am ever grateful for the Prophet’s inner and outer spiritual guidance that helped resolve the situation in a way that was mutually beneficial to my former husband and me. I am so appreciative of the ways he helped me keep an open heart, soothe the pain, guide me through the grieving process, and let go of unnecessary entanglements. Being able to finally move forward with confidence and being at peace with the past was indeed a very precious gift. Thank you!

Written by Lorraine Fortier