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Man needs reminding, but Soul does not forget the sound of HU. An ancient name for God that can be sung in loving gratitude. What a joy to witness someone experience it for the first time in this life.

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It was a beautiful summer day and my granddaughter and I were swinging on the swing under the poplar tree in my backyard. At the time she was twenty-one months old. She was sitting on my lap as we were swinging, just looking around the backyard and enjoying the day and that moment in time.

My heart was full of appreciation and love for the time I was spending with her. Any time with this beautiful little “gift from God” was a special gift for me. If you are a grandparent you know what it is like to hold a grandchild! I began singing HU, a love song to God to express my appreciation. Immediately and swiftly she turned around to look at me. I knew she recognized the ancient sound of HU. Her true self, Soul, recognized this sacred sound. I asked her if she remembered the HU and she said yes. I asked her if she would like to sing HU and she replied yes. I started to sing HU and the sweetest voice began to sing it as well. We both sang HU for a while, expressing gratitude and love for God.

My heart which was already full of appreciation was opened more and filled with more gratitude and love. Sharing HU, which is so precious to me, with my granddaughter was such a joy. Her innate recognition and sweet singing of this beautiful love song has no words. We were encompassed in love.

Written by Renée Walker

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