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It is a sacred opportunity and blessing to visit with a loved one who has passed away. Because we are personally known and loved by God, sometimes God will answer additional prayers of the heart during these reunions. In the following example the author had the chance to experience the trip he had wanted to take with his mother.


My mother passed away recently at age eighty-eight. She had a strong faith and often spoke joyfully about going to Heaven when her time came. In fact, she specifically requested that my three brothers and I sing at her funeral the old hymn, “When We All Get to Heaven.”

She had been widowed at age fifty-five when my father had a massive heart attack. She never remarried. She continued to teach elementary school for ten more years and then retired to enjoy a life of volunteer work and traveling. Upon returning from one of her trips to Ireland, she said she wished I could have been there to hike with her in the beautiful countryside. I wished I could have been there too!

The last few years I watched her body decline, but as Soul, she remained her delightful, joyful self. As she needed more and more help with daily living we spent more and more time together. The bond between us grew through many weeks of cancer treatments and hospitalizations. When she breathed her last breath, it was bittersweet. I know she is finally where she longed to be, and yet I miss her.

Soon after her passing I was blessed to be at the Nature Awareness School. A group of students and Del, the Prophet, were singing HU, a love song to God. During the silent time after singing, Del appeared spiritually in front of me on the inner and took me to see my mother! She was standing in a beautiful green meadow. The day was unusually bright and clear, with a hint of cool breeze. Mom’s appearance was just as it was in her middle adult years, still with the natural color in her hair. She was wearing brightly colored clothes and sunglasses, with a big smile. She was so happy to see me and I was so happy to see her. She beckoned me with her arms to come walk with her. We hiked along together through the meadow and up a light brown dirt trail up into the surrounding hills. As we went higher we saw the beauty of the meadow from above. It was more beautiful than I could ever imagine Ireland to be. We spoke no words, sharing love and joy in our hearts to be hiking there together, fulfilling our wish from many years ago.

When my awareness returned to the room where I was sitting, I was glowing with love and gratitude for Del, a true Prophet, for taking me there. What an amazing gift! I now know for sure that mom really is happy and well, and that she still loves me dearly.

My brothers and I look forward to singing joyfully at her memorial service, “When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be, when we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory!” I have no doubt she will be singing with us!

Written by Paul Sandman