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A strong love connection has no limitations. It is above time and space and the end of physical life will not diminish this love. Even so, what a joyous reunion it is to see a loved one again, hear their words, and feel their embrace.

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Losing my mother when I was 16 years old has been one of the biggest challenges in my life. I am so appreciative of my connection with God and my relationship with the Prophet because I know and trust with all of my heart that she is still alive and well as Soul. Our love connection is still as real and strong as it was when she was with me in the physical.

One of my personal waking dream symbols related to my mother is seeing a red cardinal. I noticed that when I was thinking about my mom or missing her I would notice the flash of a red cardinal. The cardinal would usually land on a branch directly in my view and then once I got the message fly away. To me the bird represents the love connection that my mother and I still have even though she is no longer with me in the physical. Every time I see a red cardinal it is not an awake dream – some are just birds – but I know in my heart when it is a message and it is always perfectly timed when I am sending her love.

One day while driving in the car my daughter asked me if she would ever meet my mother in her body as I had known her. I explained to her that her body was gone forever but that she could meet her as Soul or in a new body if she reincarnated. That same night I had a dream where my mom (in the form of her physical body as I remember her most) was sitting on the edge of my bed. I walked into my room and she stood up from the bed and hugged me. I could feel her body and smell her, and knowing it was present day in the dream, I knew she should not really be there physically. She told me that she was proud of the woman that I had become and the life, family, career and home that I had created.

Hearing her voice and those words meant so much to me. The timing of the dream and the motherly love and reassurance was perfect. It was a REAL experience and interaction with my mother as her true self, Soul, and it was such a blessing from God.

Written by Catherine Hughes

Reconnecting with a loved one who has passed on is such a healing moment. These are real experiences…  not “just a dream”. Read more incredible examples in “Testimonies of God’s Love.”