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It is the Love of God that creates, sustains, and nurtures us. It is the food for Soul. One of the most direct ways to experience the Love of God is spiritual light. Within it nothing is lacking.


During a recent class at the Nature Awareness School I was blessed to experience God’s Love in the form of golden light. We were singing HU, a love song to God, and as I was singing I became aware of a shower of golden love permeate the room. It was a soft golden white light that gently caressed and nurtured me. Light poured into the room, even though outside it was nighttime.

With the light came love and a sense of peace that only communion with the Divine can bring. Worries that I had brought with me and ones that I was not even aware of slowly washed away. In that moment of experiencing God’s Light, I needed nothing. I was completely content. It was a blessing to see the Love of God that showers upon us, but we do not always have the eyes to see. In this seemingly simple spiritual exercise of sending love to God by singing HU, I was blessed a thousand fold with peace and contentment. As you sow, so shall you reap. The love that I gave came back to me in abundance. What a gift!

Written by Molly Comfort