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In dreams you can experience your true nature, Soul, an eternal spiritual being. The lessons you learn during inner travels in the dream worlds can carry into your waking life, making life in the physical an even greater joy.  -Enjoy

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In this dream I was receiving flying lessons from an instructor along with a couple other students. I was seated on a wooden chair bottom and had a cushion wrapped around my back and under my arms. There was no plane or other flying apparatus, engine, wings or anything else you might expect needed to fly in the physical. I began going up and down by simply thinking about it and focusing on where I wanted to go. At first the scenes that went by were basic flat landscapes that did not require much maneuvering.

Then the scenes changed abruptly. I came to a huge drop off with a massive beautiful snow covered mountain range in front of me. At first I began to backup because it seemed too advanced for me and it scared me, but soon my instructor (who could communicate with me without talking) said to go ahead – I was ready and I could do this. “Just fly it like I taught you” he said. There was nothing visibly protecting me from falling out of the seat, but I knew that if I just flew as I was taught and not think of bad things, I would be okay. So I ventured forward and the depths and expanse opened up…it was awesome! Then it was time to come back to the ground. We were checking out someone’s back country property on the way down and having fun exploring. I thought it would take a while like when landing in an airplane, but it was almost immediate; and it was a smooth landing.

Even though I had this dream almost a year ago, it continues to teach and encourage me. This dream experience especially helps me when I am faced with a new or challenging situation or need some reassurance.  At those times I hear my teacher’s voice saying, “Just fly it like I taught you”, and I know he is right there with me. This dream was a real experience and it is evidence of the true nature of Soul. The inner worlds are an amazing, vast and adventurous place to explore. As Soul, I am not constrained or limited by things of the physical, I can “travel” and experience things just by thinking or shifting my focus (consciousness).

Written By Lorraine Fortier

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