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Experiencing spiritual light is one of the most direct ways to connect with God and feel God’s Love. The Light of God comes in many forms and may be experienced in a dream or during the waking state. Either way, it is a profound blessing and one that still happens in this day and age.


How do I describe an experience that I had not consciously known in this lifetime, and that really has no words? I came to the Nature Awareness School for a Nature Awareness Weekend class but it was so much more than a weekend of learning nature skills. One of the activities we did that weekend was to take a nature hike that brought us to Vision Rock. Vision Rock is a rock ledge overlook with an incredible view. We were invited to go out on the rock, sit quietly, relax, and experience some quiet time. The day was overcast and cloudy so there really was not much of a view.

I closed my eyes and was saying a quiet prayer of gratitude when my inner vision was filled with light. This surprised me because I did not know what to make of it. I opened my eyes to see if the sun had come out but it had not and when I closed my eyes the inner light was still shining. I opened and closed my eyes a few more times and had the same experience. Not only was I experiencing God’s Light in my inner vision, but it was also touching my heart. I can not give specifics on what happened but something was opened and touched and I was changed. A river of tears came out. The Light of God had touched my Divine self – Soul. Soul recognized this sacred moment and was responding.

After attending the Nature Awareness School for a while I came to realize this was the Light of God I had experienced, and have continued to experience because of the teachings I have received. I have been graced with so many beautiful and amazing experiences since the Light and Love of God touched me twenty years ago. My life was changed and continues to change with greater peace, joy, and love in my heart and life. God and His Light and Love are still very active today. Beautiful and life changing experiences like those that are written in the Bible are still actively going on today to ordinary people. I am so grateful that I am blessed to have a teacher that can guide me on the inner and outer to recognize the blessings of God.

Written by Renée Walker