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You are here on Earth to become more refined in your ability to give and receive love. Of the two, more seem to struggle with receiving, especially when it is from our self. Regardless of how you “feel,” the fact remains – you are worthy.


When I first came to the Nature Awareness School I was shy and self-conscious, full of anxiety and guilt, carrying a sadness around with me as my own. I felt unworthy of God’s Love based on a false mental view of myself. It took many experiences to break through this, to realize I was looking at myself from my mind, instead of viewing myself as Soul, my spiritual side, my true self. Slowly, I quit beating myself up as much and began accepting that I am worthy of God’s Love. I am not the mistakes I blew all out of proportion. I learned to forgive and love myself.

An inner experience at the Nature Awareness School, during a spiritual exercise, helped me to see this truth more clearly. Del, the Prophet, took me on a journey to a Temple of God. It was beautiful beyond description and filled with God’s Love. In the center, a beam of Light was shining on an open book on a pedestal, God’s Book. The Prophet encouraged me to read from it. I stepped into the beam and read “Love Thyself with all Thy Heart and Soul.”

I knew I could no longer beat myself up, or judge myself so harshly. I also realized that I could not truly love God until I could love It’s creation, me, Soul, a particle of It’s Holy Spirit. This is helping me accept a profound truth, “Soul exists because God loves It.” My existence, every breath, every moment of life, is a gift from God to be cherished.

I am grateful to the Prophet for being with me every step of the way on my journey of growth and discovery, for his guidance, protection, and truth. It is by accepting Prophet’s hand, and the relationship that followed, that has allowed me to move from a limited and miserable view of myself to the boundless one of Soul. Surrendering my old ways of thinking, many based on half-truths and falsehoods, gives me the freedom to pursue a life of abundance.

Written by Gary Caudle