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There is a very big difference between having a relationship with God based on love versus one based on fear. While there is a call for reverence, to live with a constant fear or worry of damnation closes our heart and is counterproductive. God desires to bless and guide us through His Prophet but these gifts cannot be delivered to a heart closed by fear. If you wish to nurture a more loving relationship with Our Father, the HU Love Song is one of the best ways to do so.


When I was growing up I lived in a rural town and I went to small church with my family. I was told that God loves us and that Jesus loves us also. I knew this in my heart but always knew there was more. Around twenty years ago, when I went to the Nature Awareness School, I learned a love song to God. Before that I only knew how to respect God or to fear Him as the Bible says. At the school I learned a beautiful song called HU. I was told by Del, my teacher at the school, that it is a love song to God and when you sing it you are focusing on sending love to God with all of your heart. Learning this changed my life. I have experienced, when singing HU, that my heart opens and I am filled with gratitude.

One weekend at the school I had an experience while singing HU. Del was leading the class and we began singing HU. As I started to sing my heart really opened to know that I was singing a love song to God, I could feel the love that I had for God, and it felt strong. By having this experience, I realized that it was a gift. I realized to give love back to God and tell Him that I love Him is one of the most loving things that I could do. I felt that my heart naturally wanted to do this. At that moment I was so grateful to be able to sing HU! While singing HU I experienced in some way that God was blessing others.

When singing I could feel and hear the sound of HU go up to God. This experience was a knowing, not something that I could mentally wrap my head around, but a feeling that was true in my heart. Spiritually I could see a golden ring go around the world and shower it with love, God’s Love. God’s Love went out to people going about their everyday life just touching them with a gift of light. As I saw that, it made me want to give more. The sound of HU surrounded me, also hearing the sound of everyone else in the class singing HU and knowing that they had the same intention, filled me with peace and love. That peace was palatable. I was so grateful for this experience and grateful to Del, a Prophet of God, for teaching me this love song.

This experience was a blessing, and as I reflect back in time, it reminds me that we are loved, God really loves us, and He hears us! God gave us a song to sing. By singing it everyday it opens my heart, it opens my heart to the love that I have for God, and the love that He has for us. It also reminds me that I have love to give to others. Thank you Del for teaching me the greatest song of all, HU.

Written by Golder O’Neill