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God can use anything and everything to communicate with you. Those who have been taught to recognize these Divine whisperings are most fortunate indeed. They will see, feel, and truly know God’s most important message, “I Love you… you are not alone,” everywhere they go.


It was my first spirit week at the Nature Awareness School. We had been learning the fundamentals about Spirit and how it communicates to us from Del Hall, whom I now know as God’s Prophet; my beloved spiritual teacher. Prophet was lovingly pointing the way, toward ways, of perceiving the presence of Divine love in our everyday lives. Some of the students attending the spirit week retreat had grown up with the truth about the Holy Spirit that the Prophet was speaking of. The rest of the group, me included, were not familiar with the reality about a truly loving God that communicated to and through all of its creation. I will never forget how utterly floored I was that I had finally found what my heart had been aching for; a way to recognize the love of my creator. Amazingly it was being expressed literally everywhere at every moment, but I had yet the eyes to see.

That week I learned not to remain locked in the rigid spiritual concepts that were blocking my view of the truth. I learned that a spiritual experience may be seen, heard, and or felt; it is all real. We talked about our night dreams and awake dreams; about how the Divine uses them to communicate with us, as well as how the Holy Spirit can use nature in all forms to speak truth to us when we are at peace and paying attention. About the middle of the week we were invited to go out into nature to spend time alone with Spirit. It was an opportunity to get out and explore in a quietly profound way.

I had previously attended a tracking class during which time we were guided by Del through the forest along several paths leading to various points of interest. I was pleased to revisit a clearing that I remembered passing. Even more, it was such an adventure for me to be focused enough to follow the inner guidance I was receiving in order to reach my destination. As it was, my state of consciousness had been very scattered at that time in my life and I was very good at getting lost. So, I gave thanks to the Holy Spirit for guiding me on my journey to that clearing in the woods and sat down on a tree stump.

I sang HU that is a love song to God. When I stopped singing, I began to contemplate on what a surreal experience life had become. My ways of thinking and being were challenged and revealed as untrue, then discarded in order to make space for love as it was meant to be. I was glad to be there at that moment; felt very fortunate to be attending such an amazing retreat, so very happy to be alive! I opened my eyes and saw a blue bird of some kind in a tree. I looked around to realize that the trees surrounding the clearing were full of blue birds. Since I had recently learned about the spiritual significance of the color blue, all at once it occurred to me that what I was experiencing was communication of Divine love, to me in a way that would speak to my heart. I was struck with surprise as well as humbled by the beauty and simplicity of the message received as tears of thankfulness filled my eyes for that sacred communication.

It was and is a beautiful experience that I revisit as a reminder of how Divine Spirit is always speaking to its creation, and I am part of that creation. I thank God that he has sent His Prophet to lead us to the truth!

Written by Bernadette Spitale