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To be successful on the path home to God you need to have remembrance of your experiences and blessings. Remembrance builds gratitude and appreciation in your heart, which makes you receptive to even more blessings. This can become an upward spiral drawing you closer to God, His Love, and His truth.


It was the middle of summer in 2010. The sky was a piercing blue above us as we sat nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A gentle breeze gave a slight reprieve from the hot and humid day which permeated the air.

This was a special day. As a student of the Prophet, I have been blessed to have many special and life-changing days, but this was to become a day that touched me deeply and has stayed with me giving reassurance and a security. In class a fellow student had been sharing a story of how remembering and keeping alive her prior spiritual experiences had blessed her life. She had written many of them in her personal journals and had recently been appreciating, reviewing, and reliving some of the special times she had with God and His Prophet. She was keeping her blessings alive with remembrance and appreciation. Her talk naturally evolved into a discussion between fellow students. We shared about some of our own personal experiences with God over the years that had really touched and changed us, thanks to God’s current Prophet Del Hall.

Gratitude was seeping out of every corner of our hearts as we recalled how much Prophet had not only taught us, but helped transform our lives. We weren’t expecting anything in return, just sharing our appreciation. It was almost as if we were speaking among ourselves about how he had blessed our lives, even though he sat quietly in the back of the room listening. Suddenly he arose and went to take his place in his chair on the low stage in the front of the classroom. I could feel waves of peace, love, and appreciation spreading outward where he walked like the fragrance of the sweetest rose permeating a room. I took in a deep breath. I felt anticipation for something, but for what I did not know.

Once seated, he spoke for God, as a true Prophet of God is ordained to do. “Come together with me. Come closer. Be with me. Just be together with me.”

Remaining in our chairs we closed our eyes and listened. We followed our teacher Home to be with God. The Lord was calling us to be together with Him while we sat alive in physical bodies. We did not need to wait to know the Lord, through His current Prophet we could experience Its Grace now. The following moments were full with the immense and immeasurable beauty of being present with the Presence of God. I lacked nothing nor did I want anything. This one moment was an eternity. All that mattered was loving God and being loved by God.

God speaks in many ways beyond words. On this quiet summer day He spoke in peace, fulfillment, quietude, gentleness, love, grace, absolute contentment, and more. With everything that I know of as me, and with all that I am, my heart poured out to the Lord, saying I love you too.

After what seemed like an eternity of just being and coming together inwardly with the Lord, Prophet arose and walked out of the classroom. Students slowly began to stir themselves and flow out of the classroom as well. That moment was over, but I was transformed. Being that close to the Presence of God brought such a security, and a clarity of God’s Love for Soul that follows me into my daily life. I am so blessed. By the Grace of God I experienced His Presence hold me in loving embrace.

Relishing the blessing later that day with a good friend, I remember saying the amount of Divine Love that I experienced in those moments was enough to sustain me through eternity and transform my view of life, to one of a lasting and true security in God’s Love for Soul, for me. My friend wisely said, if you remember It.

Written by Molly Comfort