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We all face challenges in life, which are ultimately opportunities for growth. During these times we can actually forge a deeper relationship and appreciation for God. One key is to not lose sight of the Hand of God that is available. Those that ask God for help and also do their part will ultimately come out stronger, versus just “make it through.”

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About two years ago my life changed. Everyone goes through changes, but this was one of those major turning points for me. I had recently moved with my husband and two young children to a town where we did not know anyone. The move required that I leave a job I really liked and enjoyed. Then we had our third child. To me this was a whole lot of change in a very short period of time.

I thought I had prepared for these changes. I am not complaining, I have a very good and happy life. I knew all these changes were blessings, but I was struggling. I was experiencing some level of baby blues or postpartum depression, and all the changes added to how I was feeling. This concerned me because I knew depression. I had been depressed at earlier times in my life and did not want to go there again.

Between my personal history and experience from my previous job I had some tools and skills to manage this issue. In the past I did my best to just “make it through” those tough times, but this time was different because I knew that the Hand of God was working in my life. I have been blessed to experience God’s Love in so many ways. Over the years I have built a loving and trusting relationship with God’s Prophet, the Hand of God. So when I recognized my situation I now knew how to more than just “make it through.” This time I knew I had help available. I asked for help and accepted that help. I listened and followed the Divine guidance given to me with love and compassion. I knew his comfort. I knew that even in the moments when I felt alone that I am never alone. The Prophet is with me every moment. He helped me have the strength to do my part; to wisely use the tools and skills I had been taught in the past, and to truly know I could do it with him. So this time my experience with depression really was different and I am forever grateful.

I kept praying for help and continued attending classes at the Nature Awareness School. That is where I originally learned about God’s Prophet and the importance of our relationship. Everything continued to build toward a good outcome. The inner guide, inner Prophet, and I spent time in scripture, reading spiritual books, putting love into everything that we did throughout the day, and being grateful. Together we sang HU with and to my baby even in those tired, weary, early weeks and so much more. I paid attention to my dreams and used those late night feedings awake with the baby as an opportunity to write them down and say, “Thank you.” The Prophet nudged me to speak up for myself and take care of myself. He encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and join activities and social groups where I met wonderful, welcoming people in the community.

God responded by guiding and helping me daily. Life was enjoyable and not a struggle. I had faith in Him and in turn He helped me have faith in myself to keep going forward. I came out better than ever and feel I have a stronger and deeper relationship with the Prophet than I even had before. My life was good, but now I was appreciating it more. My sacred relationship with the Prophet makes my life abundant and it is continually growing.

Instead of spiraling down and retreating into depression like I had in the past, I stepped out, survived, and then thrived with my focus on God’s Love. Things were not distorted as they had been before in that same space and frame of mind because the Prophet helped me to see clearly from a higher view, as Soul. That higher view helped me to appreciate the gifts of God that were everywhere around me. My heart was open and filled with love, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy loving and caring for my family again. I allowed love in, so I could give it out to others, and was shown a deeper understanding of giving and receiving love. I am very thankful for the blessing to walk with the Prophet daily and to give and receive God’s Love. It has changed my life.

Written by Michelle Hibshman