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“How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened.” Thomas Jefferson


One Saturday evening at a three day Spiritual Retreat, we sang a long HU gently tapering off as Del said, “Thank you.” The HU and discussion throughout the day had blessed all of us, but there was still more. We were invited to visit one of God’s Temples in the inner worlds. Del, the Prophet began guiding us, both inwardly and outwardly. I spiritually took the Prophet’s hands, turned as he did, and we were at the House of Liberation.

We walked up the steps onto the temple porch where I fell to my knees in reverence to be at a Temple of God. I have visited these temples many times and recognize more now, what a privilege it is to be there. Inside, the temple guardian greeted us and spoke about spiritual liberation. He said that it does not happen overnight, but over time and by degrees. Every HU, every moment listening to the Divine, can bring a degree of spiritual freedom. Over time, seemingly small things add up and may lead to a life changing realization. It seems that the single event changed everything and it did, but not without all the small moments that came before it. It is like years of freezing and thawing slowly expanding a crack until a rock suddenly breaks free and falls from the cliff. It seems to happen in a moment, but was years in the making.

Leaving the temple guardian, the Prophet led me to the heart of the temple where a book lay open on a pedestal. This book is the living Word of God, always fresh and perfect for the seeker in that moment. I read in golden script, “Live joyously,” and then, as the Prophet urged me, I turned the page and read, “for I am with you.” I have often hesitated to embrace life fearing all that could go wrong, all the mistakes I could make. These words reminded me that I am never alone; the Prophet is with me and loves me. Even if things appear to go wrong, all the love, support, and help I could ever need are right there. The Prophet’s presence frees me to live with joy.

I turned and hugged the Prophet. He became a beam of the Light and Sound of God and I was within It. The light shimmered and flowed around me and through me. I leaned my head back and drank the light, watching it clean out any impurity I no longer needed. This precision healing cleans out negative things like fear or worry that I no longer need but leaves any still needed to learn and grow. I asked for it to wash away any resistance to truth. I drank more and the light broke black crust off my heart and washed it off me. I stayed as long as I could, wanting to be as clean as possible.

The only way to freedom is through the truth. Sometimes it seems that facing the truth would be uncomfortable or something I do not want to know. Resisting truth causes pain and discomfort, not the truth itself. Hidden in the dark, it grows until it seems enormous, impossible to solve. Often, simply admitting the truth to the Prophet and myself evaporates the problem. Only by accepting truth do I begin to see a solution.

I returned to my body full of love and blessings to bring greater freedom into my life. The experience was beautiful, but unless I remember it and integrate what I learned into my life, nothing changes. Freedom comes when I do my part. I received precious gifts, but they can only bring freedom if I remember them in my everyday life. That is my privilege and responsibility and that, too, is a gift from God.

Written by Jean Enzbrenner