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God’s Love gives us life – we are never without it. We were created from and continue to be nourished by His Light and Love. This love also has the power to heal us; spiritually, mentally, and physically. There is no ill that the Love of God cannot soothe.


One morning I awoke early feeling quite poorly with a headache accompanied by nausea. Since I worked the afternoon shift I decided that there was sufficient time to allow the sick feeling to go away on its own, instead of taking medication. Several hours passed without any relief. I decided to prepare for a short nap with a spiritual practice that brings me peace and comfort. I opened my heart and expressed love and appreciation to my creator by singing HU, then went to sleep. HU is a love song to God that was taught to me by the Prophet Del Hall III, my spiritual teacher.

While I was asleep I had a dream of being bathed in a beautiful and comforting golden light. Upon awakening the symptoms of my illness were completely gone. Gratitude for the healing Light of God’s Love overtook me while I realized how much I am loved and cared for.

The Prophet has taught me how to fortify my awareness of the connection that exists between my creator and me. He has helped me to recognize that the personal love connection that I have with the Divine is the most precious bond that I will ever have.

Written by Bernadette Spitale