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Eternity abounds in that precious moment when time stands still and a vision from the past becomes the present reality. The gift of knowing you are in the right place and on the right track for your journey home to God is such a reassuring gift of peace and comfort.

Vision Rock


I look forward each night to having dreams. My dreams come to me in many forms. Some are vivid, clear, and full of easy to understand details, like watching a movie. Others are jumbled, vague, and don’t seem to make much sense. Some mornings I awake with a knowing, a word or phrase, a feeling that becomes clearer as time passes and further thoughts are given to me. Then there are the dreams that really standout. A dream of a quality more refined with deep emotions that I know are significant and come for a reason which may take some time before the meaning is known. I would like to share with you such a dream.

While growing up I had a recurring dream that came to me for several years. Each time I experienced this dream it was like being with a childhood friend that you know and love. A friend you trust, a friend that you have shared experiences with, a friend that knows your hopes and dreams and you know theirs. It is a simple dream of a place I hoped I would someday be taken to. The perspective of the dream is that I am standing at the base of a group of large boulders that form an out cove of rocks with spaces between the rocks like small caves. This area is far up on a ridge overlooking a forested valley with another ridge opposite. There is a pole tied between two posts or trees that I imagined would be used to tie a horse to. My thought had been that this place was out west somewhere in cowboy country. The sun is bright and warm. The area at my feet appears to have been cleared and used as a sheltered place to spend the night. I don’t see myself or anyone else but I know I am there and not alone. Each time I dreamed of this place it became more “real.” The feeling was of belonging and having a deep peace. Throughout my younger years it seemed this dream came to me at times when I needed reassurance and comfort. I would awake smiling knowing all was right with the world. As I grew into my teens, to adulthood, to retirement this dream faded in my memory, until….

During my years at the Nature Awareness School I have enjoyed the solo time we are given during classes to explore the property in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The School is a visually and spiritually beautiful part of the world that has been offered to the students to enjoy. When attending my early classes I heard about a place on the property that was a challenge to get to that has a carving of a face on a tree that was done many years ago. No one knew who had done this carving. During one of my early solos I was drawn to find this place. I climbed down through the rocks in the area I was told it was located and soon found it. When I turned around to leave I was standing in the exact place that I had seen in the dreams I had experienced over fifty years ago. Time stopped. I knew eternity in that moment. The sun was bright and warm, there was the pole to “tie up a horse,” the ground and view were as in the dream, and divine peace filled my being. I knew the presence of the Lord.

I now know that the Prophet has been with me, preparing and comforting me, throughout my life to bring me to that moment of realization, that place of the dream he gave me. This is where I belong, a trail head on my continuing spiritual journey home to the Heart of God. Thank you.

Written by Terry Kisner