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Our true identity as Soul is hidden behind our earthly packaging and its shortcomings. We are so much more than our physical body and mind; we are Soul, eternal spiritual beings created out of the Light and Love of God. Being able to accept and live this truth is a cornerstone to spiritual freedom. It is one of the first things Prophet teaches and helps his students experience for themselves.


The first time I visually saw my true and eternal self, Soul, I was surprised. In my ignorance I thought I knew what Soul would look like. I was at a special week long retreat at the Nature Awareness School. In a contemplation led by Del Hall III, I was taken by the Prophet of that time out of my body spiritually. The contemplation was an active experience where I was allowed to see and know real truths, God truths.

It was pleasantly dark all around me; at least that was what I was aware of. I knew Prophet was by my side. I was given a special mirror that would show me what I looked like spiritually as Soul. I thought I would see a soft white orb of light. I spiritually raised the mirror up to “eye level” and looked. I saw a flash of dazzling, brilliant light. It was so vibrant! It was so much brighter than the glint off a diamond in the sun. In that instant I experienced some of my God given qualities of life, motion, and beauty all at once.

Prophet thank you so much for that first glimpse of the real me, Soul. It was so far removed from the angry, confused person I thought I was. I thank you Prophet for the truth that I can operate and see with Soul’s view point, a much higher and peaceful view of life. I do not have to live everyday in human consciousness of anger, fear, guilt, and unworthiness. I can now recognize and learn to live with love from a higher spiritual view!

I work in a hospital emergency department. Driving home from a long shift last week I was reveling in the remembrance of a discourse Del, the current Prophet, gave about the truth of Soul. As I drove I was in a sea of God’s Light and Sound. This Divine light and love flowed all around and Its beauty inspired a subtle and deep joy within my heart. I was filled with love. At that moment I was experiencing that as Soul I was an individualized part of this Light and Sound, the very essence of God. I was in appreciation in that moment that I know you Prophet, the one who speaks truth and shares Gods Living Word with Soul. It is such a privilege to know you Prophet and know the reality of God.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass