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The love we have for other Souls carries on beyond the end of this physical life. What a joy to know we will see them again and the love between us will still be there. In the following story a loved one, who had passed on years before, returns to comfort his grandson just when he needed it.


My grandfather was my role model growing up. He was extremely influential during my adolescent years. What may have strengthened our bond greater was that I was afforded the opportunity to share a special day once a year with him. I was born on July 7, a date that was significant to my grandfather as well, as he was also born on July 7.

During my middle school years my grandfather got sick. Even through his illness he attended all of my high school football and basketball games, and made it to many of my baseball games. He maintained his positive attitude through the chemotherapy; a fight that he ultimately lost to cancer during my high school years. My grandfather was a pastor, a husband, a father to three, and a very loving grandfather to seven, and I miss him dearly.

Years after my grandfather left this world I met the love of my life on July 10, 2012, three days after our shared birthday. I believe the two of us met by the Grace of God; her name is Michelle. As our relationship evolved, Michelle gradually introduced me to one of the greatest gifts that could ever be bestowed to another, the HU, a love song to God. I can still remember like it was yesterday, the first time I came to the Nature Awareness School with Michelle and her family in August 2013. The act of singing HU was explained to me beforehand, but I had never sang out loud, rather I would sit and silently sing on the inner. When the large group of approximately fifty or so people began to sing I sang quietly and hesitantly at first. At that moment, I saw my grandfather; he was in a suit and possessed that familiar smile. He approached from the back of the room and put his hand on my right shoulder. I could feel his love and he told me, “It’s okay.” A sense of love rushed over me, far greater than I could ever fathom nor be able to put into words. It was such a joy to see my grandfather and I know his appearance that day was a blessing from God.

Since August 2013 I have gone to a couple of classes at the Nature Awareness School and have gotten more comfortable with both the HU and my spiritual journey. My spiritual journey has become one of increasing clarity and peace. Sharing a birthday with my grandfather was a blessing, but in August I also get to share another significant date with him. Unbeknownst to me, the date Michelle and I decided to marry was the same date as my grandfather’s anniversary to the marriage of my grandmother, August 15.

Written by Eric Reuschling