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It is one thing to do something nice for someone you love. It is quite another if you become overly attached to pleasing them. This excessive attachment becomes entangling and it leads to stress, a lack of peace, deluding yourself, and ultimately not following your heart. Of all the things that cause Soul unrest, not following one’s heart is near the top of the list. Fortunately the Prophet can gently help untangle those who are under his wing from their attachments so they can live with more freedom.

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Have you ever been tangled up in a situation and not been sure how to get yourself out? I certainly have and by the Grace of God, I was given an experience that helped free me from my attachments to an unhealthy relationship in my life. I entangled myself in a web that held me back from fully following my heart. The worst part about it was, I was deluding myself. I was attached to pleasing someone else and was not honest with my true motivations. This entanglement was causing stress in my life. Thank God that He sends His ordained Prophet into this world to help us see and understand truths about life. While a major part of the Prophet’s responsibility lies in guiding us home in the Heavenly Worlds, he also teaches and demonstrates how to live a freer and more balanced life here on Earth. A blessing with practical benefits.

During Christmas several years ago God was giving me signs, all over my life, that something was amiss. I was making poor choices and overextending myself. I was not living true to the priorities that are in my heart. In an effort to please this extended family member I was compromising my overall balance. To add to my struggle, in the midst of this busy time, I badly hurt my back. This is when God’s Grace stepped in to help me help myself. I was at a weekend retreat at the Nature Awareness School. There the loving guidance and presence of my teacher, Del Hall, began to untangle this web. As the current Prophet he has special training to communicate with and teach both in the physical and in the inner spiritual worlds. Del could clearly sense that something was amiss. One of the many blessings of being a student of the Prophet is that he can help clear our vision and show us areas where we are entangled or limiting ourselves, if we give permission. I needed help and he lovingly helped me get to the root of what was going on.

The opportunity to share some of our life experiences during a class gives Del the chance to share his inner insights with us. From what he shared it was clear that this relationship with my family member was negatively affecting all of my other relationships – including my relationship with God. For anyone who has ever had an unhealthy relationship, be it with a husband or wife, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc., the need to “make it better” is sometimes overwhelming and counter-productive. I was choosing to compromise my peace in an effort to appease this person.

Excessive attachment is one of the most insidious passions that can harm us on our path home to God. Often it comes cloaked in a good thing, like wanting to fix something that we deem broken. But true peace is being right with God. Putting our relationship with God first brings peace to the other areas of your life. On the other hand repeatedly choosing to live without peace in one area of our lives negatively affects all the other areas as well. The truth was this relationship with a family member was unhealthy for me. Part of the healing process is facing the truth and accepting it, then making conscious choices that nurture the healing we have received.

On Sunday morning of the retreat we sang HU. I had surrendered what I was going through to the Divine, had asked for help, and now I was focused on singing “I love you” to God. Afterward it was quiet in the room. God blessed me with a clarity and stillness that had been missing in my life for weeks. In my inner vision an aspect of God gave me a pair of golden scissors. I immediately knew the function and purpose of this gift was to cut away my attachment to this unhealthy relationship. As I began to cut I could see other attachments and cut those cords as well. Now free of these self-imposed webs that had been entangling me I began to experience true freedom. A well of love sprang forth from my heart. I realized what I had thought before was love was nowhere close to the real thing. This was a degree of unconditional love I had yet to experience giving to another person. I felt so free. To truly wish someone well and not be attached to what that looks like, is a purer love. These scissors were real. This gift from God transformed me from the inside out and began a deep change in my life that still blesses me today.

I received further confirmation of my decision when I returned home. My five year old son had drawn me a picture while I was away. In it there were two ships. One was a pirate ship and the other was a smiley face ship. Under the water strings, cords, and ropes attached the two ships. There were three pairs of scissors. My son had never even drawn scissors before! The scissors were cutting the ropes to the pirate ship. But the smiley face ship still had one cord that connected it to the bottom of the ocean.

This awake dream gave me further reassurance that I was making the right choice in cutting these unhealthy attachments. God’s truth was demonstrated in the simplicity of a child’s drawing. I could cut this unhealthy relationship from my life, choose to stay anchored in God’s unconditional Love, and live life with more freedom.

Written by Molly Comfort