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One of the very first things shared with new seekers is the importance of gratitude. It is something one’s need for is never outgrown. The beauty of gratitude is that it opens your heart to the many blessings of God. One of the greatest blessings being the Prophet, which God always has on Earth to help show His children the way home. Those with the eyes to see will recognize this eternal teacher within its current physical incarnation.

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In 1996, as a result of a brochure we received, my wife and I decided to take a class at the Nature Awareness School. Neither one of us really knew where the brochure came from or how we got it, but it appeared at the perfect time and changed our lives forever. During one of my first classes I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, though at the time I did not understand my good fortune. Since then, through an incredible spiritual journey and adventure, I have learned about my true self and have developed a more personal relationship with God.

God, through His Prophet Del Hall, opened my eyes to see more clearly what is truly real and valuable in life, and offered me the way back to my true home in the Heart of God. I did not understand what I was being offered at that time, but something deep inside of me recognized something extraordinary in what I heard in Del’s voice and saw in his eyes. One afternoon we did a spiritual exercise using a technique called wide-angle vision. During the exercise my spiritual eyes seemed to open more fully. I knew I had been given a gift. I could now clearly perceive things differently, with a new view and a deeper awareness. Everything looked, felt, and sounded different. I experienced a depth and richness in a way I had not before.

Later in the day my wife and I wanted to talk with Del. I remember noticing something unusual about this conversation. In the middle of the busy classroom everything appeared to move around us as if we were not in the same physical space as the other students present. It was as if we were in some kind of special quiet protected bubble. Near the end of the conversation Del mentioned that before we went to sleep we should think of some things that we were grateful for in our lives. He said gratitude would open our hearts to Divine love, which we had just been talking about. Then he asked us to pay attention to our dreams and to fill him in the next morning.

Before I went to sleep I did as he suggested and thought of the things, people, and experiences that I am grateful for in my life. Shortly after, in that in-between state where you are not fully awake and have not yet drifted off to sleep, I saw a bright orange and yellow light dance into my view. This light looked like a ball of fire or like the burning bush Moses saw that is referred to in the Bible. I had never experienced anything like this light before. The ball of spiritual light, looking like fire, changed into an intense white light, which slowly turned into what I could best describe as a blue tinted moon or ball of blue light. This ball of light rose up and out of a beautiful shimmering body of water and then Del spiritually appeared before me. He gestured to join him and then we walked off together. In the morning, before I could share anything about my experience from the night before, Del casually mentioned that in the dream state he had come and taken my wife and I to a spiritual temple to meet “his Boss.” How could he have known what we had experienced last night? Both my wife and I remembered going somewhere with him in our dreams, but not anything after going or any of the specifics.

It has taken many years for me to gain an understanding and to recognize the depth of the blessings that were offered during that early weekend retreat. I did not have the awareness or conditioning at that time to remember details of where Del took us on the inner planes. But over time with his loving guidance, more experiences, training, practice, and grace, I have been able to remember and benefit more and more from these travels into the inner worlds. Through these experiences and Del’s guidance I have learned how much God really loves us and always has one of His Prophets to guide us home to Him. I wish everyone could know how much God loves them.

Since that early class I have been escorted by the Prophet to many of God’s spiritual Temples of learning. As Soul, a child of God, I can be taken by God’s chosen representative to learn more about who I truly am and why I am here. It is through the guidance of the Prophet who shares experience with God’s Light, Sound, and especially God’s Love that we come to know and learn more about God. In hindsight, I realize that on that night many years ago, through Del, that God had personally extended His Hand and Love to me, and I accepted. My relationship with the Prophet of God has made it possible for me to truly accept God’s Love and Grace.

Del is now offering others a similar opportunity to the one he offered me many years ago. A chance to consciously go home to Heaven, to visit God, and experience the love He has for you. I am so very grateful I accepted!

Written by Jason Levinson