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Often we are not even aware of the things that are holding us back spiritually. Fortunately God knows and if we receive the Light of God into our hearts It can gently remove the blocks and allow us to soar free. God’s Light truly has the power to cleanse, purify, and uplift Soul. It is a gift of love from God to experience It. – Enjoy


It’s an amazing gift that God knows us far better than we even know ourselves. Sometimes we do not need to ask for a specific blessing from God. If we have trust in God and ask him for whatever he knows is in our best interest, the results can be far beyond anything we could have even thought to ask for.

Years ago during a spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School Prophet Del Hall led us in a guided spiritual exercise. During the spiritual experience an enormous wave of God’s whitish, golden light showered down on the group. God’s precious Light and Love filled my entire being. As it flowed through me it washed away things that were holding me back from living a more abundant life. This beautiful Light of God contained countless blessings that were custom tailored to each and every person receiving them. These blessings were a personal gift from God Himself, in His infinite knowing of what we each need, more than we could possibly even know ourselves.

I consciously surrendered to the Divine that I willingly gave up anything that was not beneficial to me. Anything that could be holding me back spiritually in life, I wanted gone. I saw little dark spots here and there being flushed out by God’s cleansing Light. They may have been old habit patterns or ways of thinking that no longer served me well. They may have been things like anger, lust, attachment, fear, or ego that were holding me back spiritually to some degree. They could have even been physical ailments. Without needing to know what exactly I was being cleansed of, I trusted God completely to purify me of what was no longer beneficial to me, and to leave what was good.

The roaring wave of God’s Light slowly turned into a gentle trickle of golden light attending to various parts of my being. I felt a sense of precision and gentle care as God’s Light washed away the negative things, and refilled those spots with His precious golden Light and Love. After this blessing and gift from God, I was left with an incredible feeling of freedom. I also felt a tremendous lightness, as the weight of these things that were holding me back were cleansed and washed away.

Often we hold on tightly to our imperfections. Even though we know they are holding us back, some part of us identifies with them and resists change. These imperfections are not part of the real us as Soul, a Divine child of God. If we trust completely, and give permission to God and His Prophet to help us grow and evolve to be able to live a life of fuller abundance, there is no limit to the amount of grace and blessings God can bestow upon us.

Over the fifteen years that I have been attending spiritual retreats at the Nature Awareness School, these blessings of healing and growth have occurred dozens and dozens of times. The cumulative effect of God’s Love and Grace is astounding. I can not even imagine what my life would be like today if it were not for the loving spiritual guidance of God’s Prophet and the precious love that God has given me. Thank you!

Written by Sam Kempf