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Many times our initial experiences with the Light of God can be subtle. If we receive too much too fast it can put us out of balance. It takes time to acclimate to more and more intense experiences with the Light and Love of God. God and His Prophet know exactly what is appropriate for each individual.

Our book “Prophet Shares God’s Light” is filled with stories of people experiencing the Light and Love of God.

Paul Nelson Photography

Photo by Paul Nelson Photography

I was a seeker. I traveled the world looking for a path home to God. I tried going to church with friends. I tried yoga and dance. I tried fasting and strict diets. I tried meditation retreats. None of these left me feeling any closer to God. Having seen nothing, having no lasting peace, and no lasting joy to speak of. During one of the first classes I took at the Nature Awareness School many years ago, I received a vision of God’s gentle white Light. In a moment this experience awakened something in me that I did not even know was sleeping; a yearning to experience more of God’s Love and a desire to be able to communicate with the Divine.

Our teacher had instructed us to find a comfortable place to sit in the woods, and to relax. We were told we might experience something new; see the beauty of the woods or an animal moving. But the key was to just relax. “Unplug” and just be. While I have loved hiking in nature since I was a little child, just relaxing in it was new to me. So I found a suitable rock, got comfortable, watched the wind blow the trees, and listened to the creek flow by. I saw a chipmunk dart here and then there. I just relaxed and enjoyed the woods. Then I saw a gentle white light appear like a cloud in front of me. My eyes were open, yet the light I was seeing was not physical light. As I tried to look closer at what it was, it disappeared; but a presence of peacefulness remained. What was it that I had seen? I felt lighter and freer, and walked back into the class with a little more bounce in my step.

When we returned to class students started sharing their experiences. Del explained that Divine Spirit has many ways of expressing Itself to us, but one of the most direct ways is through the Light of God. God had been communicating with me when I sat on that rock. Wow, was I blessed! I had finally found what I had been looking for.

Since then, especially at retreats, but also at home using the tools Del taught me, the Light of God has revealed Itself to me. Each experience with God’s Light has transformed me slightly – has left me with a little more peace, a little more confidence, a little more joy, a little more freedom. Sometimes I have asked myself “why me?” I am an ordinary person, not a saint like I had read about in the Bible. I am a wife and a mom. I thought only special people or saints could have heavenly visions.

Yet because God loves us, He showers His blessings on us. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have a living teacher that can help me to not only have these experiences, but to understand the message. He shows me how to integrate the peace and love and freedom into my daily life. I am a living testimony that seeing God’s Light changes us. It is the love that I received in these experiences that changed me. Where I used to be fearful, now I trust. Where I used to have a kind of sour attitude toward life, now I am truly happy. The Light of God nurtured me and transformed me from the inside out.

The Nature Awareness School is on a beautiful piece of land, but even more than the physical beauty is the opportunity to be in the presence of a true Prophet of God. Here in a seemingly simple exercise of sitting in the woods, I saw the Light of God. There is something special about the opportunity to attend one of Del’s classes. I have witnessed many people experience the Light of God during his retreats. Maybe Heaven will open a doorway for you to look through too.

God is still alive and still wants to bless us. He is just as amazing as He was thousands of years ago, and the Holy Spirit still reveals Itself to us through Light. I believe He wants to see all of us walk a little lighter, to see us all live with more peace, joy, and freedom. For us to receive His reassurance, that no matter who we are or where we are in our lives, He cares. He truly loves us.

Written by Molly Comfort