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Many times when God answers a prayer it is written off as merely coincidence. This is unfortunate because one of the greatest blessings in life is actually being aware of your blessings. God does not need the credit; it is we who benefit. When we recognize and are grateful for the gifts of God’s Love in our life it opens our heart to even more Love.

Learn how to recognize the many ways God expresses His Love on a daily basis.


God has blessed me with a daughter. Being her mom is the most wondrous privilege! I am in awe watching her grow and discover new things. Since she was born I have delighted in finding new ways for her to explore. One thing she loves to do is touch our cat Lila’s fur. If left to her own devices she would get two fistfuls and a mouthful of cat hair. Lila will have none of this of course and so, I began to seek out other soft things for my daughter to play with instead.

I originally wanted to get her an animal pelt, but I could not find one. Then I found that sheep skins were sold online. The website showed babies rolling around snuggling with the fur. I thought my daughter would love this! However, the cost was more than I was willing to pay. Over time I would find myself looking at the sheep skins and then realizing it was not something she truly needed, I would abandon the idea again. One afternoon my husband, daughter, and I went for a walk down the street. Our neighbor Jeff was having a yard sale and we really enjoy talking with him so we stopped to visit. On our way out to continue the walk something from the sale caught my eye. It was a large sheepskin rug! It was one of the exact brands that I was looking at online. I took it to Jeff and asked how much it was. He insisted that I take the rug as a gift.

I was so excited because I knew this was a gift from God! One of the special facets of being with the Prophet is seeing the deeper meaning behind life events that seem like coincidences. The Prophet spoke to my heart that if he would provide even this for my daughter, then he was absolutely providing everything else she needed. My daughter loves the sheepskin. She sits on it while she plays every day. When I see it I have a beautiful reminder of God’s Love and protection for my daughter. In all circumstances she is in the care of the Lord.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass