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Heaven is real and those that have been blessed to make the journey, while still living, know it cannot be done alone. Fortunately God always has a Prophet on Earth that knows the way and is authorized to return Soul home to God to experience God’s Love and Grace.


During a HU Sing at a spiritual retreat in the summer of 2015 I was taken by the Prophet and blessed with this incredible experience with God. In class I sat quietly with the Prophet. As I did I felt a sense of peace, comfort, and love envelope me. Together we sang HU. I was then consciously taken through time and space to where they, time and space, no longer exist.

I was now aware of being immersed in the most magnificent Divine light. This light nourished, fortified, cleansed, and purified me through and through. I experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude and reverence and dropped to my knees. Already on his knees next to me was the Prophet, my inner teacher and guide, the way shower and the way. The one who has lovingly guided me, through hundreds of lifetimes and brought me to this moment. Again my awareness was flooded with a brilliant white light and I was being bathed in the gentle living waters of the Divine. As my eyes adjusted I found myself before a set of beautifully illuminated steps. I could barely look up towards the top the light was so intense and almost overwhelming.

I knew where I was because by the Grace of God, the Prophet had brought me here before. As I acclimated, I slowly raised my head and looked up. Before us sat God in all Its magnificence, splendor, and Glory! We were in our true home at the twelfth Heaven, the Abode of God. I was filled with a saturating peace, love, mercy, comfort, and joy. This place radiated with the brilliant Light of God and sweet Heavenly music, beyond description. God spoke directly to me as His Divine child. His Voice lovingly radiated through the Heavens and it touched me to the core, “Be still and know I am God. I have loved you from the beginning, I love you now, and I will always love you. Please, accept my love.” I allowed this Divine gift to wash through me.

The Prophet invited me to stand up. We stood before our Heavenly Father, surrendering and yielding everything, totally open and receptive before Him. I felt God gently touch me and directly pour Its Love into me, filling and saturating me with all that is good. As this love flowed in it flushed out everything that was not pure, that was not needed, and not useful. When I thought I was full, God said, “Please stretch and accept more.” With the Prophet’s help, somehow I found more room and accepted all that I could. I dropped back down to my knees and started crying with an overwhelming joy that I cannot describe. Shortly afterwards the Prophet returned me to my physical body back in the school room.

God loves everyone of His children and wants to bless and share with us His Love, peace, joy and much, much more. He wants us to know deeply that we are loved and that this gift is freely given, unearned, by Grace, but we have to do our part and accept it. To help us, God has provided a Prophet as a guide, a way shower and the way. We cannot make this journey home alone. We have the opportunity to experience God’s Light, Sound and Love through and with the help of His Prophet. If accepted this love will make your life so much sweeter, richer, and more abundant than you could possibly ever imagined, as it has mine!

Written by Jason Levinson