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How do we enjoy our time in this world without becoming so wrapped up in it that we become blinded to our higher purpose – how do we attain this balance? The short answer is, you start operating from the perspective of Soul, your true self. It is when viewing the world from this vantage that life becomes a joy to live.    -Enjoy

One of the best ways to operate from the vantage point of Soul, your true eternal self, is to sing HU, an ancient name for God.


Have you ever accomplished a goal you thought was going to make you happy only to find it did not quite scratch that itch? I have. I searched for happiness in fancier cars, home ownership, investing, relationships, different religions and more. Some might say, obviously those were shallow pursuits. Others may wonder, what else is there? I tried many paths before I found what I was looking for. I was not aware of a palpable unhappiness, but I noticed I was constantly on to the next thing. There was not a sense of peace or contentment.

It was not until years of study at the Nature Awareness School that this peaceful, happy feeling came into my life. So, what changed? It was not my outer circumstances, although they did change for the better. The outer changes did not make me happy. In fact, I still have the same career and many of the same interests I had before, but my life is profoundly different. What changed was my view of life.

My spiritual teacher Del, a Prophet of God, gave me the means to absorb the key truths that I needed to have a higher view of life. What changed were my faith and my beliefs – my heart. I came to the school out of a deep hope that someone could teach me how to find my way back to God. I did not know this on a conscious level. It was revealed to me over time. This was the goal I had overlooked. The mountain I longed to climb.

I realized this was the whole point of my life; to achieve these goals and continue to manifest my divine nature unceasingly. To offer this to other interested souls. When we consecrate something, we set it apart for God’s use. We declare it sacred. I have hobbies and interests unrelated to spirituality but my whole life is spiritual. This is because I now have a conscious awareness of the Divine in all that I do.

The only thing that has ever made me happy – truly happy – was being used as an instrument for God. I believe that we can all live consecrated lives in our own way. It does not have to be bombastic. We do not have to become nuns or preachers or go trekking off to Africa or a third world country. We do not have to “save the world.” Many times a simple and seemingly insignificant act of kindness can uplift another soul in a very profound way if we are led by the Divine. Most of us are called to serve God in our families and close relationships.

I gave my life to God. Not just an hour on Sunday, or a few classes a year, but me. Everything I am and everything I am not – my whole life. You can do this too. We can be used just as we are; wherever we are. We can trust our lives in the hands of the Divine. If you would like to experience Divine Love, a truly abundant life, with a sense of purpose, freedom and security like no other, I want you to know that it is possible. I found it at The Nature Awareness School.

Written by Tash Canine

Learning how to connect with God by singing the HU is one of the greatest helps in attaining a life of joy and happiness. Our FREE HU Sing on June 7th could be the next step for you. Take a look at event details HERE.