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A marriage founded on love is a sacred thing. This is true for your physical marriage and even your marriage with God. The two work together and both can thrive when based on love. More specifically – the expression of love. What good is love if it is not demonstrated?

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I was standing in the middle of a huge room in a house that belonged to my husband, Mark and I. I knew it was ours, but it was as if I was discovering it for the first time. In front of me was a grand spiral staircase wide enough for three or four people to walk up side by side. Soft sunlight cascaded in from the homes’ many windows.

I was happy as I walked through seeing the potential that was there. The house was old, but sturdy and in good condition. It was like a historic estate with nice details and lots of wood. My perspective changed to the ceiling where I saw a slimy residue built up. It needed some work, but it was worth restoring and when it was done it would be gorgeous. My friends and family were all gathered inside helping Mark and I renovate the house

Later, as I was exploring, I discovered another wing. Two wooden French doors with glass inserts held back a new space. The room was lit with the glow of afternoon sunlight. Peering through the dusty glass I was delighted to see a baby grand piano inside. Excitement coursed through me as I thought of how beautiful this would be when it was finished. This section, I knew, was for the future. It was something we would open up down the road.

I awoke from this dream experience with a light expansive feeling that filled my being. I knew that the house represented my marriage to Mark. At this time we were just past a year of marriage. Our first year had been rocky at times. I was rough around the edges, emotional, and started a lot of fights. Things were getting better, but I still doubted myself. There were moments when I wondered if Mark would decide he had made a mistake.

This dream gave me reassurance. While our marriage in this life was new, the love between us was not. Like this old estate, our relationship was enduring. It had and would continue to weather many seasons. Knowing that Mark and I were again, after lifetimes, restoring and growing in our love brought me strength. The home had some dirt and residue from the past, but it was just on the surface. Our marriage, like the estate, has a solid foundation. This helped me relax. It showed me that we were in a period of transition. Disagreements would come and this was OK!

Peace and gratitude filled my being, I understood that God, via The Prophet was healing me through this dream. The experience filled my heart with love and began to push out the doubts and guilt that I had created in the past. I had a renewed confidence that all would be well. The sunlight in the home was the love of God. This love had brought Mark and I together again. God’s love would hold us together and sustain us forever. I also saw how much love and support we had from our friends and family.

Like a living pearl, reflection upon this dream has revealed deeper layers that to this day continue to bring reassurance and peace to my heart. Del, The Prophet helped me understand that this dream has many meanings. The estate, while representing my Earthy marriage was also a representation of my Spiritual marriage to the Holy Spirit. Both of these marriages are sacred to God.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass

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