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Many times our prayers are heard, and answered, but we miss taking the steps needed to make them a reality. The Divine will guide us in the direction to answer our prayers but we will never get there if we cannot “hear” the guidance. It pays, literally – in the following story, to learn how to listen to those gentle whisperings.


I had a sincere prayer in my heart to find a new job and I expressed this in prayer to God. I realized it would not happen without some effort on my part, so I polished my resume and applied for a couple jobs in the area I was interested in living. After receiving some mild interest from one company, and some time (weeks) passing by, I decided to apply to a few more positions. I got a call one Tuesday from a company requesting a one-hour phone interview. The company was located four hours from my home, but it just so happened that I was going to be traveling to that area the upcoming weekend, so I was available for an on-site interview. To me an in person interview was much better than a phone interview. The Divine was already helping! I have come to learn from the Prophet that apparent “coincidences” are not just luck or by chance, rather they are blessings from the Divine. The timing to my interview was one such blessing.

After confirming a meeting time, I started preparing for the interview. I prayed to God for help and sang HU to get in tune with the Divine. What questions should I be prepared to answer? What questions do I ask of them? I researched the company and the position. I anticipated some of the questions that I might be asked, and I rehearsed my responses the best I could, but the possibilities were endless. All through this process I felt Del, the Prophet, guide me to very specific questions.

The morning of the interview I sang HU, invited Prophet to be with me, and surrendered the outcome. This was very comforting because I trusted the outcome would be perfect regardless if it resulted in a job offer or not. The hiring manager explained this was a time for them to get to know me and for me to learn if this was a position that interested me – this was precisely the insight I received during my preparation! As the interview progressed, I was asked ten questions, and of the countless questions that could have been asked in an interview, I had rehearsed and prepared for every one of the ten. The Prophet had prepared me for those exact questions, an answer to my prayer. The interview conversation flowed naturally and everyone seemed to be at ease. This experience is one of the many over the years that have confirmed my prayers are heard! God loves us and wants us to live happy and abundant lives, in all areas of life.

Written by Chris Hibshman