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Many overly identify with their earthly human side and forget they are Soul, a child of God. There is something truly special beneath all your physical struggles and mental hangups. You are not your shortcomings – you are not your defilements. You are Soul. At your core you want to serve God and will find the greatest happiness through giving and receiving love. Fortunately, the opportunities to do this are endless. -Enjoy

The HU sing we are hosting is going to be a great opportunity to raise up and connect with your eternal, spiritual side.


Many years ago I watched a friend bring her husband a cup of coffee while he was busy at work. It was a simple act, but profound in the lessons and insights it has brought me over the years. Back then, I had a very different perspective on this than I do today. At the time, I saw it as subservient; a duty expected of a woman by a man. I wondered why did not he get his own coffee. My view was coming from a low level, so condensed and narrow that it distorted everything, like wearing a pair of broken glasses. I had reduced something done out of love to a gender thing and, in my ignorance, could not see the beauty and selflessness demonstrated in this act.

I carried a lot of unhappiness and pain of the heart back then, because this way of living and experiencing life left little room for love, and it separated me from God and my own divine nature. We are so much more than male and female, skin color, religious affiliation, age or any other physical or social label. We are Soul! Eternal beings, created by God and endowed with divine qualities; and we are here to learn to give and receive love. From this view of Soul, a boundless expanse exists. When we open our hearts to God’s love, it lifts us to a higher view and a whole new world of unlimited possibility and love awaits. We begin to see the infinite ways love can be expressed and appreciate all the ways it may come back to us, even in something as seemingly small as a cup of coffee. The size and packaging of the love that’s delivered does not make it more or less significant. Love is love. Any act motivated by love, big or small, is special.

Divine love fills my heart and uplifts every aspect of my life today. It may come directly from an inner experience or through family and friends, work, laughter, pets, singing of birds, the sunrise… all life. And, it brings me joy being able to share this love with others. This is my heart’s true desire. I am happiest being in service to God and giving of myself whether it is through compassion or charity to a stranger, listening to a friend or spending quality time with family. Love is best when demonstrated.

God’s love, grace, and spiritual guidance through Del, a true Prophet of God, has helped me grow from seeing through “broken glasses” to having the clarity of Soul. This changed my life and is available to assist you in your spiritual journey too, if your heart desires.

Written by Lorraine Fortier

Does this story resonate with you – would you like to operate as Soul and experience more of God’s Love? Would you like help seeing clearly? Come experience the HU on June 7th. There will be time afterwards to share with my Father and receive insight and guidance about your experience.