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To head out alone without God is folly. However, to sit back and wait for the Divine to live our lives for us is just as misguided. We follow our hearts and make the effort, doing our part, and God takes care of the “heavy lifting.” It is a team and the strong ask for help. -Enjoy

Singing HU helps one to “draw nigh” – which is a great example of doing our part.


Although I have had many great experiences and opportunities, I have spent a great deal of my adult life attempting to figure out what was “normal” and why I was not comfortable being me. My ideas about what it meant to be happy and contented were ambiguous at best.

Partial answers to many of my questions were indeed found through reading various books in the “self help” category. In them I often found the possible reasons why I carried certain emotional baggage. Also, the material that I read about the emotions gave a whole lot of advise about how to rid ones self of inner ills that hold one hostage. Quite insightful, but for me ineffectual since I never remembered to use the advice. I later learned that inner ills such as anger, vanity and lust can only be healed by the Divine.

The real revelations and deep seated healing came once I started studying at The Nature Awareness School. It was there where I was introduced to The Prophet of God, my Divine connection.  In time I became aware that I could not do it on my own and that I needed to get beyond the inner ill of vanity and ask God, “please help me help myself.” I asked in earnest. The very deep “stuff” that surfaced for me to look at and discard, with the help of The Divine, was the beginning of the healing process. Making the choice to think correct thoughts, use self control and practice self discipline became, and remains to be, key in maintaining the emotional healing as well as a sense of balance. By doing my part moment to moment and letting Spirit do the rest, now I no longer carry guilt over past mistakes. I’m less likely to over react to life events and Praise Be to God, I’m finally learning more effective coping skills.

The miraculous sense of true inner peace and freedom that I possess is something that I am now and will always be, eternally grateful for!

Written by Bernadette Spitale

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