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Soul is programmed to return home and will eventually wake up to this yearning. When it does, the quest for a teacher begins. God always has a Prophet here on earth to lead Soul on this journey home and to help us live an abundant life while here. -Enjoy


One night when I was in my late teens I came out of my room and told my Dad, “I feel like I’m waiting for my spiritual teacher.” Dad did not have an answer to the statement and it puzzled me as well. Deep inside I was waiting for someone and I did not even understand for what or why, but something was missing in life for me.

I really appreciate that as my parents followed their heart, they helped me follow mine. Dad had given me what I knew of God and religion. He brought me to Unity church as a young child and then to a Self-Realization Fellowship, but I could not commit to a teaching. When I was nineteen, my parents drove me from Michigan to the Catskills of New York to stay on an ashram for a month. After learning chants, doing yoga four hours a day and eating a vegan diet I left no closer to the spiritual peace that I had never felt and yet I missed.

I was then given a beautiful dream. Although I did not know it at the time, it was an answer to my prayer for a Spiritual Guide. This dream meeting and the fact that I was allowed to recall it was a profound gift from God. I hold this as one of my most sacred treasures. I dreamed I was in a sea of golden light inside a giant golden bubble. There were smaller lights all around me like fireflies floating softly in the shimmering golden dome. A man came up to me and embraced me with open arms. I only saw him from his neck to his waist…he wore a long sleeved blue garment.

I experienced in that moment a love deeper, fuller, more amazing than words can describe. I felt more complete, deeply joyful and a sense of truly coming Home. When I awoke it was clear that what I had experienced was real and that there existed a Love that was unlike anything I had ever felt. This was proof to me that there was more out there. There really was more to this life!

A few years after this dream my parents told me about the Nature Awareness School. They had been to a couple classes and had found something truly special. It was there that I learned that the man from my dream was real. At first I thought maybe he was my future husband. The love I felt in his embrace was as deep and vast as the Ocean. I learned that He is the Inner and Outer Teacher, a Prophet of God. He could help me find the way to my true Heavenly Home again if I applied the necessary effort.

I was then allowed to become one of His students. My relationship with the Prophet has changed my life from the inside out. He has given me, among other spiritual treasures, the deep peace I somehow knew was missing, but never felt until now.

Written by Carmen Spitale