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There is no limit to the ways God can bestow His Love and protection on those in need. The following is an amazing example of this.


Years ago, as a young adult Boy Scout leader, I was driving a vanload of boys at the start of a camping trip. Sometime after dark, we pulled up to the stop sign on a country road. In the distance I could see the single headlight of an oncoming motorcycle. I believed the motorcycle was still quite far away and moving rather slowly, but my observation turned out to be wrong. As I turned onto the main road, I suddenly realized the motorcycle was much closer than I had believed.

As I floored the van’s gas pedal, the boys in the back of the van yelled in fright as the bike moved in very close. Then in wonder and amazement, they described that they saw a great hand, made of light, reach out and keep the bike from hitting the back of the van. The Hand of God intervened to keep several lives safe that night.

Since that time, I have come to find and welcome the Divine presence in all areas of my life. As I have become more aware of God, I have experienced more love, help, healing, peace, rest, suggestions for creating a more abundant life, and so much more. I hope you will come to welcome God into your life and to see the wonderful changes that are possible.

Written by Timothy C. Donley