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“Some will believe, And some will deny, But I will always know, And live to testify:” Sometimes poetry says it best. -Enjoy


“Our Place In Heaven”

In the star filled mist of night,
I grasped His familiar hand
And we took flight,
Through an expansion of darkness
Into a land full of light,
My heart glowed in love
My legs too weak to stand,
I kneeled with my head bowed
In golden grains of sand,
His hand still in mine
His head bowed as well,
As I glanced up,
This Great Ocean took swell,
A giant wave of love engulfed me,
In Its heart,
I now dwell,
As my body lay in my bed,
Soul’s wings were spread,
More alive than ever,
Sparks bursting and bursting,
The water of life all around,
There was no more thirsting,
Words fail to describe
the beauty and awe,
Only he and I know,
The reality we saw,
My unique vision-
my unique spot,
Had all that I loved,
Not one detail forgot,
Explore the high heavens we did,
He has the keys to the universe,
Not one place forbid,
With him I see
All that is true,
My eyes refreshed
To a whole new view,
Some will believe
And some will deny,
But I will always know,
And live to testify:
“We have our place in heaven.”

Written by Tash Canine