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In this story of protection and being healed by God’s Light, there is much to be grateful about. It shows there is no limit to what God can do, including healing someone before the injury even occurs.


Last summer I was in a car accident. The accident itself was a miracle because no one was seriously injured. I was run off the highway, crossed the median, and stopped right before oncoming traffic. The other car was pushed back into our traffic lanes but was not hit by other cars. I drove home that evening and went to get an x-ray the next day just to make sure I was not injured. The doctor came in and told me “don’t move,” a C-collar was placed on my neck and I was laid down. I thought it must be some kind of joke as I had been walking around all night. The doctor said that the x-ray showed a fractured C6 vertebra, a broken neck. She showed my husband the x-ray and he could visibly see where my bone was misplaced. I was transferred to the emergency room, and as I lay there for a few hours, I was praying to God, as were my family and friends. Doctors were discussing a possible surgery for that evening. I had a CT scan to get a better image and the doctor said “It must have been a bad x-ray; you don’t have a fractured neck.” My husband and I looked at each other and knew, it was not a bad x-ray, it was a healing. My husband had seen the x-ray with his own eyes.

Not long after this I was attending a HU sing at the Nature Awareness School when the Prophet, my spiritual guide, took me back to an experience on the inner that I had earlier in the year, before my accident. During this experience, I was touched by God’s Light! I was bowed in reverence as God’s Light shone down on the back of my neck. To be touched by the Light of God was an amazing life changing experience! I know God loves me! I felt so much love, joy, warmth, peace, and strength during this experience that I was not paying attention to where I was touched. I was focused on the immense blessing it was that I was actually being touched by God’s Light. It was not until I was shown this experience again that I realized I was specifically touched right at my C6 vertebra. I was immediately taken back to the accident and saw a direct connection between these two experiences. I know the Light of God touching my neck that day was a healing. Wow!

I am so very grateful and appreciative for the Love of God and I am blessed to see God’s Love throughout my daily life.

Written by Emily Allred