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To believe “God’s love is everywhere” can bring a certain level of comfort to your life. Coming to know this truth through personal experience brings that comfort to a whole new level. It is a blessing that changes everything for the better.


During a spiritual experience at the Nature Awareness School I was shown where God’s Love really is. As I sat in deep contemplation with the inner Teacher, The Prophet, I felt divine love surrounding and filling me. Then he took me to the earthly home where my wife and I live. I walked up the front sidewalk and saw and felt God’s Love in the grass, the bricks, the steps, the porch, like golden energy all around. Walking inside, God’s Love was there too, permeating the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Everything was covered and filled with divine love. Then I was taken into my car, as I was driving to work, each part of the car was coated and permeated with God’s Love, as was the road, sidewalks, traffic lights, even the road signs along the way. This continued as I arrived at work, I saw and felt God’s Love in the walls and fixtures where I worked. Even the people had God’s Love covering and filling them, though many of them were not aware of the love.

Then, as the experience continued, I was taken back to my childhood. I saw myself as a small child playing on the floor of my family’s house. God’s Love saturated that scene, and each scene I was shown as I was growing up. God’s Love was there during the times when I was having “difficulties”. Then I was taken to an event in my future. I was giving a talk in front of a group that has not yet taken place in time, then a conversation with another Soul that has not yet happened, as if it were happening right then. I was shown God’s Love is already there, permeating every event, past present and future!

I am so grateful for this profound revelation. Now it is very real to me that God’s Love is literally everywhere and in every moment! Remembering this as I go about my day makes a huge difference in how I feel and interact with people, and gives me confidence about future events. It also gives me a deep appreciation for each event of my life, even the ones that seemed like apparent “mistakes,” were actually all essential parts of my spiritual unfolding, part of the divine plan for my life that benefited me with wisdom gained and lessons learned.

The challenges of life are still here, but I see them differently now. They do not have me by the throat anymore. God’s ever-present Love gives me an inner strength and sense of inner peace. With God’s help, all life’s challenges are divine adventures of learning and growing in Love. Thank you God for allowing me to experience the reality of your love.

Written by Paul Sandman