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One needs spiritual nourishment as well as physical nourishment. How else will you be able to run the good race?

daily bread

You do not “have” a soul – you ARE Soul….. you “have” a body. A subtle but monumentally different perspective and understanding. You are a spiritual being cloaked in a temporal “earth suit” which has an expiration date – so to say. But the real you, Soul, will carry on. You are Eternal.

God has given you the power and free will to create a life of your choosing. A life sculpted daily by your choices and attitudes. How and what you think truly makes a difference. I cannot stress this enough – your present thoughts will manifest into future conditions. Everything in your consciousness is bound to come forth in your outer life. Those folks who have a positive outlook on life and try to always see the “silver lining” will indeed see it, if not help manifest it. A positive attitude will help to create a positive result and vice versa. The choice of how you wish to view the world is no one else’s but yours. You will reap what you sow – your actions, thoughts and attitudes have power – sow gently, kindly and wisely.

The freedom to think, dream and create a life of your hearts desire does not mean you are alone. You most certainly are not. The Prophet is available to offer help at every step of the way – but ultimately you must walk your own path. If not you, who shall? If there is something in your life that is not working you have the ability to change it. There is a great responsibility and great freedom in this. Unfortunately, many seek to lay this blessing of freedom at the feet of others. Too many wish for others to tell them how to live versus following their own heart. Countless numbers who sacrifice personal freedom, their birthright as Soul, for comfort and a false security.

You are responsible for your own path and this includes asking for help. It might sound like double talk to some but asking for help and taking personal responsibility for your path are not opposites. The spiritually strong ask for help. They know the true strength is in “the team” …them and the Divine. There is nothing you cannot do if God is with you and you do your part. Granted – God does the “heavy lifting” but you are certainly are not helpless.

One of the most important things you can do is to stay nourished by making time for your daily bread – your lifeline.

You must find time to connect with the Divine every day. You need consistent spiritual nourishment. Just as your physical body needs good healthy food to stay fit – so do you as a spiritual being, Soul. Your daily bread is your lifeline. Whether it be prayer, the reading of Scripture, focusing on something you are grateful for, connecting with your spiritual guide in contemplation, or the singing of one of God’s holy names, you need spiritual food. Watch what happens if you don’t water a plant, or if you stop eating physical food. It’s no different spiritually – you will wither. Yes, you may still be breathing but are you truly alive? Do you have abundant life?

Life will always try to find a way to take your attention elsewhere so it is up to you, if it is in your heart, to stay connected. You can chisel out time in your day if it is important to you. Is it too much to ask for the Kingdom of Heaven here and now – a few moments a day to tune in?

Food for thought….

Written by Del IV

Make time to attend the March 15th HU Sing led by my father, Del III, and receive the nourishment of which I speak.