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The road to NAS

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reviewing the School website. In the past 20 plus years our school has evolved from facilitating spiritual retreats into a program of continuing spiritual education and ongoing personal growth. Current students attend several retreats every year to refresh, review, and grow on a continuous basis. Each retreat is fluid and different even if the name of the retreat remains the same. The Divine hand provides profound experiences, insights, and healings to specifically meet each persons needs at that particular time in their life.

Your mission in earthly life is to manifest the divine qualities that are already within you. Divine qualities can be hidden when we are still controlled by the “passions of the mind.” Fear, worry, anger, vanity, excessive attachments, etc. are examples of the passions of the mind, which deplete you, and those around you. Our retreats teach meaningful and practical tools to help you shift the balance in your life from the limiting and binding passions of the mind to your true nature, a divine spark of God. As a divine spark of God you will learn to grow in peace, joy, clarity, freedom, happiness, wisdom, and much more! You will learn to more fully give and receive love. Experiencing divine TRUTH will help you create an abundant life.

Life evolves and changes as we grow and develop into our true divine selves. A retreat or two pulls back the curtain on the divine guidance available but cannot sustain one permanently. Each retreat reveals higher and higher views of life. The goals of self-realization and God realization become an attainable reality. Retreats offer “spiritual food” to keep you nourished for the amazing journey ahead. This is a never-ending journey, the grandest adventure of all. A grand adventure of discovering the real divine self, the eternal self, and even the nature of the eternal God.

Do you want to transcend the narrow human consciousness, to a boundless spiritual consciousness? Do you want to experience the ultimate life adventure? Come try a Dream Retreat to start. Your heart will know if this is to be your life adventure.

Walk in Balance and Harmony,

Del Hall