The true pearl of paying attention to your dreams is the strengthening of your relationship with the Divine that occurs. Yes – dreams can provide guidance and insight into every area of your daily life. This alone makes them worth paying attention to, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. For one who begins to see and know that dreams originate from the Divine, not the mind, the next question is why – why am I being guided? Why am I being helped through the challenges of life? Quite simply… because you are loved. For many this is still something they struggle to accept. That God so loves and knows each and everyone of us personally. To each He offers His guidance, wisdom and loving care helping us to move through our day with more joy, balance and harmony. But it is so very true…. and something you can experience and ultimately prove to yourself. Dreams are the trailhead to a more personal connection with God. This is why it’s in our hearts to teach people how to remember and interpret their dreams. We believe everybody is equipped to receive their own answers if only they know how and where to fish.

The pearl of dream study – the wisdom that you are loved and that you are not alone.

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