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Singing HU tunes you in with Spirit. When sung properly it is a source of spiritual food for Soul by “raising you up” and “opening you up” to more directly experience the Kingdom of Heaven. The HU song is one of the greatest gifts God has given to Soul. Having a living teacher who can offer correction to help keep us on course is an even greater gift.


I earnestly tried on my own to know God in my life. I wanted to recognize His Presence and live a happy life. Into my early twenties I was an avid seeker. I tried different paths, meditation techniques, yoga, Sufi dancing – almost anything to quench the thirst I had inside for Spirit and for true peace. Yet all I found were dead-ends. An answer to a prayer led me to Del Hall and the Nature Awareness School. This is where I learned the importance of having a living teacher who fluently communicates with God and can teach me to recognize and understand my own communication with God.

It is a tremendous gift of love from God to have a living teacher and guide to show us the ways of the Divine. One reason that I have found this to be invaluable is for the correction we can receive from him. I experienced the importance of this first hand after having been a student of Del’s for over twelve years.

I was using the tools and teachings Del had given me when I went through a time of hardship. I received an inner nudge from the Prophet to focus more on gratitude before singing HU to open my heart in appreciation. I followed his guidance and did this at home. Soon after, I attended a weeklong class at the Nature Awareness School. Being a smaller, more intimate class, it was a chance to have more individual attention and focus more on the details of our journey.

HU is a beautiful love song to God, a vibration and prayer that can uplift us when we are afraid or need clarity. It is a cornerstone of the Prophet’s teachings and I love to sing it throughout my day. It acts as a tuning fork that brings one into alignment with the Holy Spirit, but that winter my pitch was off. Instead of singing a pure HU, I was warbling. The effect was that I was not getting the spiritual nourishment nor upliftment that singing HU can bless us with. Even the best instrument needs to be tuned regularly or it will be off.

In class Del pointed out that I needed to slow down and really sing love to God to be precise, not only in the tone, pitch, and volume with which I sang HU, but also in Its pronunciation. Without Del’s seemingly minor correction, I would have gone on using this beautiful tool at home, but would not have had any lasting benefit in my daily life. I would have remained spiritually undernourished. This adjustment brought a real transformation in my quality time with the Divine. And as a result, my life began to transform.

Del once used an analogy of a ship crossing the ocean. A small error in direction would not affect a short journey, but for a longer journey a little misdirection means you end up on the wrong continent. There is a profound blessing in receiving correction from a living Prophet, precisely for this reason as we journey home to God. As a living student, we need a living teacher. One true blessing of having a relationship with the Prophet of our times is that he can give correction and guidance on the inner and on the outer as a teacher.

As it says in Proverbs, the Lord corrects those He loves. As an agent for God the Prophet gives truth, love, and guidance as well as correction to his students. At times the correction is in the gentlest manner and at other times it is more direct. But when the truth is accepted by the student, myself included, and the changes implemented into our lives – we see the fruits of the Spirit. Life is better when following the guidance of the Divine. Correction and pruning is part of an abundant life and our growth as Soul. Having a living teacher is a gift that I treasure to this day. His loving correction has truly helped me on my journey home to the Heart of God.

Written by Molly Comfort