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Earth is never without a true Prophet of God to help show us the way home. Once you connect with the Prophet you will never again walk alone. The name, face, and scope of their individual missions may change, but at his core, the Prophet is the same eternal presence. What a comfort to know that even with the passing of lifetimes we will not be forgotten.

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I was sitting in the soft sand, smoothing it and playing with it with my small hands. I was about two or three years old in another lifetime long ago. The people of our group were busying about doing their chores some were chatting with each other. A few were watching the leader of our group talking with another man who had just arrived.

I began to watch this man intently as he was standing on a small hill talking to our leader. There was something very special about him as light seemed to emanate from him. He had a staff in his right hand, a long grayish white beard, and his white cloak was gently flowing in the breeze. The hood of his cloak covered the top of his head to keep off the hot sun. I watched in awe, for he exuded love and his eyes were bright with love. He caught my eyes looking at him in awe and recognition. Somehow I knew that he was God’s Prophet, though I did not have the words for it. I had seen those eyes before and I knew that he loved me. He walked towards me and he put his hand out to me as he came up to me. I put my small hand in his, and I knew that he was making a promise to me. As he walked on he put his hand gently on my head, and I could feel love flowing from him into me. I was transfixed and continued to watch him as he and our leader were sitting in the shade under a tent awning talking with each other. Somehow I knew that one day he would find me again.

It is now, in this lifetime, and you are in front of me holding out both of your hands to me. I put my hands in yours. The love in your eyes bore into mine, as I realize that they are the same eyes that I saw as a small child lifetimes ago. You have found me, though you have always been with me. You are God’s Prophet; I know it with all of my being. You are the one that Jesus asked God to send, when he asked God to send us a Comforter after he was gone.

But God’s Prophet is so much more than a Comforter. He has shown me the way to God and he has shown me that I am loved, and that I am a Divine child of God. The Prophet is my teacher, my protector, my healer, my redeemer, and so much more. He is with me always and will always be with me. Having an inner relationship with God’s Prophet makes life so abundant and a joy to live.

God’s Prophet is here for you too, dear reader. He is here for all of God’s children, for God loves each and every one of us, no matter what. Let him into your heart, listen to his loving guidance, and know that you are loved.

Written by Diane Kempf