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Even during the times when there is no one else in your life physically, if you focus on gratitude it can ease the loneliness. Gratitude for your blessings opens your heart and helps you to recognize God’s loving presence. This presence is ALWAYS there whether you feel it or not. When you recognize in a very real sense that you are never alone, joy will follow.

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I am single now for the first time in many years. I came home from work one day and was struck by an intense loneliness. I realized fairly quickly that I was focusing on it and decided to change that. Life is given to us, moment to moment by God. I sang HU, a love song to God. It is a pure prayer saying “Thank you, I Love you.” What better way to start living in the moment.

I got up afterwards and opened my drapes. It was raining outside so I grabbed a chair and sat under my covered porch. I breathed in the damp air, listening to the sound of the rain on the deck above and in the leaves in the trees. The colors of the woods around me were vibrant in the rain, seemingly especially alive.

My eyes were drawn to my grill and I smiled. I had a roast thawed out and really savored it slow-cooked, joined by a red potato and broccoli smothered in butter. I looked around my apartment as I cooked, really appreciating where I live, paying attention to details that I don’t “see” because it’s there everyday. I was not focusing on my usual “to-do” list, but just being aware of the moment and where I was.

I had a nudge, a gentle touch by the Divine, to write the experience down and share it. As I did I realized I had not been lonely for hours, and why would I be? Living in the moment with the Blessings of God all around me, strongly feeling and experiencing the presence of my inner guide the whole time. I even remembered a movie from the night before that spoke about living in the moment. I am so loved by God that I was given a heads up, and I was glad I listened.

I shared this story with a friend, who wisely said, “Loneliness is focusing on what you don’t have.” It is so true. I am reminded to live my life with purpose, every moment a gift of love from a Living God. Thank You!

Written by Gary Caudle

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