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There are certain “Core Truths” we teach at our retreats. Not only are they taught, folks actually get to experience them. One of the most important of these truths is “You do not have a Soul” rather, “You are Soul.” This seemingly simple switch in perspective can set you free.


Many years ago, my father and spiritual teacher, the Prophet, shared a simple yet profound Divine truth with me and a class of students at the Nature Awareness School. He shared with the group that we are Soul that has a body. Not what we had commonly thought – that we are a human body that has a Soul. He went on to give an example that it would be like identifying with ourselves as our cars – not as the driver, the animator, on the inside. Our “cars” will wear out over time but the real “us” will carry on and can get new “cars” for the next leg of our spiritual journey.

This simple, yet profound truth lifted a veil of illusion and opened the doors for so many wonderful possibilities and opportunities. Hearing and knowing that we are Soul meant that we are eternal. We are a Divine spark of God. We are children of God, created out of the Light and Sound of God and our potential for spiritual freedom, growth, and love is infinite.

Our bodies are a gift from God, to be respected and cared for, but it is not who we are, nor does it limit our connection with the Divine. As Soul we can be taught by an inner and outer spiritual guide. Together with our guide we are free to explore God’s amazing inner worlds, the various Heavens, in dreams and contemplations.

In one such contemplation, after singing HU, I found myself as Soul with my spiritual guide on an inner plane. We were on the beach at a vast and beautiful ocean. The golden light from the sun was shining down on us – it was warm and comforting. It bathed us in waves of love, peace, joy, security, and more. It was the Divine Light of God. The freedom and boundlessness of experiencing a moment purely as Soul is something that was never possible in my human body. I was able to feel absolute stillness and activity all at once and an indescribable strength in experiencing the real me. I felt free from the weight of the world and loved by God beyond my wildest imagination.

Our true home as Soul is the Heart of God. Thinking about that reality consciously reminds me who I really am at my core and brings with it so much peace. I may have a challenging day at work but knowing that I am Soul and not alone keeps a “bigger picture” and the “eternal view” present in my mind and heart. The events in daily life are less able to consume me when kept in perspective. As Soul I know that God has prepared me with everything I will ever need for my spiritual journey.

When I heard my father say, “I am Soul” I knew what I was hearing was truth. Over many years and through many experiences the truth revealed that night has sunk in deeper and deeper. The Divine has blessed me with personal experiences that solidified the knowingness in my heart. Even still, I know there is so much more to discover regarding the truth that we are Soul.

Written by Catherine Hughes