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This is an amazing testimony on visiting the Abode of God. Traveling spiritually in full consciousness to the source of all – to the home of Our Father. Guided there by the Prophet to receive healing, revelation, comfort, and a profound insight – we are each loved unconditionally by God. Being able to accept this love changes everything.


Do you know that we are welcome in Heaven? Do you know that God loves you no matter what you are facing in life? Out of the many, many blessings that being a student of Del’s has given me, this following experience stands out as the one that gave me an understanding that God’s Love for us truly has no conditions. Knowing this has given me a peace that has changed how I walk through life.

Some years ago, I was going through a time where I was struggling with jealousy and envy. I was not comfortable in my own skin, and thought that if I was more like someone else or had what they had in their lives, then I would be happy. While logically, I knew that this was unhealthy, I could not seem to shake it. In my eyes, I was not deserving of love.

During a week long spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School Del led us in singing HU. After some time, I became aware that I was in front of a huge ocean made entirely of God’s Love. Instinctively, I knelt. I was not alone. Beside me were Souls as far as I could see. Each one of us was made of glowing, shimmering light. Each one of us was beautiful. We were each kneeling along this beach in love and reverence to Our Heavenly Father. As I looked out over the wide expanse, I saw pure white light reflecting in the distant water. The light came closer to me and I saw a form appear sitting in a gigantic chair. The Heavenly Father was seated before us. I could see and feel our love going out to Him with each HU, and then returning back to us in a beautiful rhythm.

As I was kneeling before this immense ocean of God’s Love, I was experiencing such a deep, deep peace. I have never experienced this much peace in my life. I needed nothing and I lacked nothing. Peace filled every fiber of my being. Tears streamed down my face, as I accepted the love that was being offered to me. Then, Our Heavenly Father arose and came towards me across the water. With such a gentleness, He lifted my head and kissed my forehead. “I love you and I am glad you are here.” His eyes filled the sky, immense and loving. His Love continued to pour into me, filling every part of me.

I knew then, as I do now, that He loves me without conditions. He has the same love for you, no matter what you are struggling with inside or going through in life. Our Father truly loves us unconditionally, and accepting this love truly changes us.

For days, and now years later, I close my eyes and return to this living experience of God’s Love. Seeing the love in my Heavenly Father’s eyes, face to face, gave me a confidence in His Love for me that is unshakable. Thank you Del, the Prophet, for guiding me home to Heaven to meet Our Father, face to face.

Written by Molly Comfort