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There is only a thin veil between our reality and the other spiritual realms. Whether we are aware of it or not we are all journeying to more fully understand this truth. There is no greater way to do this than to experience it for yourself. For twenty-five years my father, the Prophet, has been helping people to do just that. Below is but one example.


The fog was so thick I could barely see the pine tree next to the large rock I sat on. I was at my first weekend spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School during the final “sit exercise” of the class. We were all allowed to find a spot outdoors to sit, sing HU, and then ask the Divine a simple prayer to “show me love.” There were many truths that Del, the Prophet, introduced in class that were so new and “out of the box” for me and that I was not yet ready to accept. Now, after nearly twenty years of countless experiences I have witnessed and personally experienced, his teachings are as self-evident to me as needing air to breathe or gravity, but back then they seemed alien and challenged my rigid yet fragile grasp of reality. The HU, that glorious love song to our Creator, was a spiritual tool that I immediately trusted on some deep level. It became and continues to be a steadying force through the calms and storms of life, and my compass, eternally pointing me to spiritual true north.

I sat on the rock that day, singing HU. I could not see any of the other students, though occasionally I could pick up the faint echoes of their HUs. Otherwise, I felt alone and secluded, much like I had my entire life. I awaited, unsure of what to expect next. I knew there was more, more out of this experience and more out of life, but felt clueless as to how to access whatever it was I was missing. I occasionally opened my eyes with my vision greeted only by the dense fog, which obscured nearly everything. Suddenly I was escorted out of my body and gently set down into what appeared to be a rotunda. I later came to know that I was at one of God’s Temples, accessible not by physical travel, but by spiritual travel as Soul. I saw Del here in this inner temple in a garment of stunning white.  There were others there as well, dressed similarly. They descended the stairs each smiling like they knew and were expecting me. Showered with the Love of God, I was grateful they made me feel so welcome. Accompanying this Light was music equally Divine. It was angelic and Heavenly. It softly played, coaxing my heart open wider and wider. I could not pinpoint Its source. It seemed to come from everywhere at once. It reverberated in my heart, both soothing and energizing me. I felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven!

I was so stunned by what had just happened I opened my physical eyes. The dense fog still hung lazily in the air. Not only could I see hardly anything, but the contrast between fog and temple was startling. In the cool dull mist that enveloped the world I knew to be “real,” I did not feel nearly as alive or real as I did in the temple. I opened and closed my eyes several more times. It was remarkable. I was not visualizing standing in the temple. I was not seeing it in my imagination or my mind’s eye. I was really there! In fact, the inversion was so strong it felt like I was standing in this temple “imagining” I was sitting in the fog on a large rock!

When I returned from the sit exercise, I eyed the others in class closely. Had they experienced this too? Was this normal? No one was freaking out. As they shared their experiences I do not recall anyone mentioning visiting a Temple of God. Yet I could say, by the Grace of God, I had truly been. It is so amazing how God knows exactly what we need. Those early steps we take on the path of love, where our minds have finally relaxed and our hearts are opening, are precious. God might greet some Souls with deep peace, or soothing grace, or incredible gentleness. For me it was a warm welcome in a place of unsurpassed beauty and truth where I felt like I truly belonged. How grateful I am to be allowed entry into a Temple of God. That first conscious visit cemented for me several things. I am welcome in God’s mansions, in His Temples. There is much, much more beyond what I see through the fog of life with my physical senses. And the simple spiritual tools that Del has shared with me have led to an incredible inner journey. More is out there and it is amazing!

I treasure this experience of nearly twenty years ago. Without it, how much love and life I might have missed! God loved me enough to give me the perfect experience for me that day. I was so full of questions and wanted to know more. It emboldened me to pursue a grand adventure of the heart and the courage to not discount what my heart knew to be true. Following my heart led to more classes and more experiences at the Nature Awareness School where many of my original questions – and beyond – have been answered. Maybe, like me, the sublime majesty of God’s Heavens has you peeking to see if the fog is still there. Perhaps there is something that rings true to you like the HU does for me. Something faithful and rock solid to hold onto as you work your way through the fog of life and a step closer to your eternal home.

Written by Chris Comfort