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Dads can shower their children with love in many ways. It may come as a smile, or pat on the back, words of encouragement or wisdom, quality time together, or in the following example – a reminder to check the oil in the lawn mower. The fact that the reminder came in a dream after the author’s father had passed demonstrates how this love transcends physical life.

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While growing up I loved my dad dearly. He was loving, gracious, and had a good nature. He taught my brother and I many outdoor sports such as skiing, ice-skating, canoeing, sailing, archery, and shooting at cans with his .22 rifle. We spent many hours enjoying the outdoors with him and my mom, camping and doing many of those things that he taught us. As a teenager I would help him in his carpentry business by painting and staining wood trim. I enjoyed hanging out with him in his workshop while I helped him with projects and we talked about all sorts of things. After my brother went off to college we bought season passes at a ski slope nearby and we spent many hours skiing together. I was his precious little girl and I always knew that he loved me. I thought that he would always be there for me.

I was seventeen years old when my dad was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The doctor told us that with radiation treatments he might live for another five years. Back then, in the 1970’s, no one talked with the patient about how serious their condition was or that they might die. But somehow he knew. Because we didn’t talk about it, we never got a chance to say goodbye. Two months after the diagnosis, even with the treatments, he was in the hospital dying, unable to communicate with us. During his time in the hospital he visited me in a dream. He was going up and down in an elevator. I saw him, though we didn’t speak. Somehow I knew that it was real and we were really together.

A few days after he died I planned to mow the lawn. He had given me a nice new bright yellow lawn mower about a year before, after the old one quit working. He even put on a miniature license plate with my name on it. A loving touch. That night I had a very clear dream. He came to remind me to check the oil in the lawnmower. The next day before starting up the mower I remembered the dream, so I checked the oil. The oil compartment was bone dry! Thanks dad for your help in a dream! Back then I didn’t know whom to thank for giving me the dream, but I was grateful for it.

Over twenty years later after getting married and having two children, I began going to the Nature Awareness School with my husband. I learned about the Prophet of the times and that he blesses us with dreams. One night I had a dream where I was told that I was now allowed to see my father. He appeared before me and I could see his facial features very clearly. He looked strong and healthy, like he was before he got sick. We hugged and hugged for a long time. He felt so real and so solid. It was so good to see him, to hug him, and to feel his love again. I felt such intense joy seeing him. I said that it had been twenty-two years since I last saw him. Gosh, twenty-two years! When we stopped hugging, he disappeared. What a gift that was! It was real. We were two Souls seeing each other again after almost twenty-two years. Thank you, Prophet!

And now, for the rest of the story. Several years after that dream I learned, through many awake dreams and a knowingness, that he had reincarnated into another body as someone with which I have a very close relationship. God has blessed us with being together again. Our love continues, beyond death and into life again!

Written by Diane Kempf