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What better thing to be grateful for than God’s Love? It comes in all shapes and sizes and it is personal. When we gratefully recognize it, our hearts open more and we are again blessed. It is an upward cycle but the ball is in our court. When we appreciate the many blessings of God in our life abundance will flourish.


Yesterday Maria at work actually gave me half her water. I was trying to choke down the chlorinated fountain water and she fills my bottle with a purified cucumber and lemon concoction from home. I was at the spa with every sip.

We have not had hot water for a week and a half and I really appreciated the hot shower I got in the locker room at my job. It really struck me how fortunate I am to work somewhere that has a shower for its staff.

Then, on the way home, I was able to stop at my father’s house. I dropped off some eggs from my chickens. Something I used to only dream about when we lived twelve hours apart. Dad and I talked through the screen in the fading twilight about our lives, God and growth. I got in my car to go home and I heard the song lyrics “Oh baby do you know what that’s worth?…Heaven is a place on Earth.”

Wow. I thought of a conversation I had at work with the family member of a patient. He was talking about racial conflict and getting along with coworkers. I said, “People see what they want to. Everybody has something good to bring to the table.” This is also true with life. God’s love is EVERYWHERE. The package might look different, but the message is the same. We exist because God loves us. 
It was in the water from Maria, the hot shower, the visit with my father, and even the song playing on the radio held a gift of love.

Take a look around you today and see the love that has always been there for you and always will be.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass