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You are a spiritual being on a journey home to the Heart of God. You have been created with certain attributes to help guide you during your travels. One of the greatest is the ability of Soul to recognize truth when it hears it. – Enjoy


Before I came to the Nature Awareness School I knew I was searching for a path to God, but I did not know I was also searching for truth. Even as a child, I knew that my parent’s church was not for me. I wanted more than to believe, I wanted to know, to experience God for myself.

There is truth that is greater than facts and far beyond opinions. Soul knows truth when it hears it, as the Voice of God sings beneath the words to touch the heart. At my first class at the Nature Awareness School, I heard in Del’s voice one of the key truths, that God loves me.

It was a survival skills class, but Del wove in spiritual teachings whenever there was interest and opportunity. This happened often throughout the week, but all I remember now is him saying “you are loved” over and over. When he spoke, it resonated in my heart like nothing I had ever heard in church. I felt my whole body vibrating with it at times. I’ve heard people say, “God loves you” countless times. Those who spoke or wrote it surely believed or at least hoped it was true. When Del spoke, I knew it was truth because he knew.

I have experienced God’s Love again and again. Over time as I accepted this truth and more, it became a foundation to build on. No matter what happens or how things appear, I know God loves me. To know from experience is a gift beyond measure. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Written by Jean Enzbrenner