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The Divine showers us with love in the form of guidance to help life run smoother. Learning how to keep your heart open so you can recognize this guidance is a core skill students learn at our school. What a blessing to come to know first hand you are loved and are not alone. The following is a beautiful examples of this. – Enjoy


One of the beautiful gifts that I have received by being a student at the Nature Awareness School is understanding how to recognize, listen to, and follow communication from the Divine. One time, while visiting relatives, I had an inner nudge to park the car in a different spot than usual. After being inside for a few minutes I was looking out the window in time to see a huge branch fall right in the spot where we usually park the car. This is an example of protection offered, recognized, listened to, and acted upon.

Sometimes the guidance has seemed contrary to “logic.” One rainy Saturday morning I had a nudge to go hang a few fliers to advertise for my daycare business.  Logically I thought, who would go for a walk or go to the park on a rainy weekend?  However I followed the given nudge and hung a few fliers at the park and on a telephone pole that felt like a good spot. I was away for the weekend and when I returned I had two families contact me needing childcare. By Friday I had a new client who has come to my daycare now for almost two years. In prior times when I have had openings it has taken months to find new clients. This was clearly an example of following a nudge from Spirit in a timely manner, even though it seemed illogical.

I know that the inner communication is to bless us. I have had opportunities to learn from the times when I did not listen to, or follow, the communication from the Divine. A simple example was the time I had a nudge/feeling to get condensed milk from the store. I do not usually buy it, and blew off the nudge by justifying to myself I do not cook with that, why should I get it. The following day I was looking at a new recipe for some delicious sounding muffins that required, you guessed it, condensed milk. The simple nudges are to help us live a smoother, happier life.

Written by Molly Comfort