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God can work through anyone with an open heart to bring His Light and Love into the world. It can come through in countless ways – from the big to the seemingly smallest of things. Those that have been used by God to bless another know it is a joy and privilege to serve.


On a Tuesday morning after spending a three-day weekend attending a class at the Nature Awareness School, I decided to go to my office early to catch up on some work. I sat at my desk before I started getting into my work and wanted to sing HU, a love song to God. It was quiet in the building and no one was around. I gave thanks to God and I began to sing HU. Afterwards I asked the Prophet (my spiritual guide on the inner) if he could help me serve someone today and be a blessing to someone. I then began to do some work at my desk and within a couple of minutes someone knocked on my door. It was a colleague and he came in.

He stood there and we began to talk about things that were work related, but he seemed agitated and bothered. We continued to talk and then he snapped at me. I asked, “What’s going on, are you okay?” and he replied, “I’m fine” in an unmannerly tone. I could tell that something was bothering him, so I asked again, “Is everything all right?” All of a sudden his tone changed and he began to tell me what was happening in his life, and then he began to cry. I listened to him talk then got up from my desk and went to him and said, “It will be okay.” I got a nudge to give him a hug and when I did I could feel God’s Love surround us. He cried in my arms for a bit and I just held him. While he was in my arms I was asking for God’s help and guidance with this situation. I told my colleague that he is loved, that God loves him, and so do a lot of other people. I assured him that everything always works out, maybe not on our time, but in God’s time. I could feel him relax and release some of the tension that was inside of him. I could feel that he was relieved to hear what was being said; it was a blessing for me to hear it also. I felt in that moment that God’s Love was there and palpable. He settled down and we talked some more and then we went about our day. I was grateful for that moment.

It is amazing to see that earlier that morning I had asked to be a blessing to someone and immediately I was given the opportunity to serve. God does hear our prayers, and if we ask He will respond. Maybe not in the way we think it should happen, but in His own way and time. I believe we can let God work through us if we ask and listen for His response. I was grateful for the opportunity to help a colleague by listening to him and giving him a hug, just when he needed it.

Later that week he stopped by my office and thanked me for listening to him and apologized for taking up my time. I reassured him that it was okay, and that it was a blessing for me to be reminded that God loves us!

Written by Golder O’Neill