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You are so much more than your temporal earthly body. You are an immortal spiritual being created out of the Light and Love of God. You are essentially a piece of the Holy Spirit individualized by lifetimes of experience. You have freedom, spiritual power, and a capacity to give and receive love beyond your wildest imagination. You need only find the one who can help awaken you to your true self.


Having a relationship with the Prophet has changed my perspective on life. While Earth is a beautiful place to live, I have seen places where the Light of God is brighter, the Love of God seems to flow more freely, and Soul does not need a physical body to move about. In these other worlds, or Heavens, there are sacred temples where Soul can go to learn of God’s Love and wisdom. Each temple has a primary teacher. These teachers of God’s ways and truth were once God’s chosen Prophet here on Earth during their incarnations. Interestingly, my visits to these temples have been made while my physical body sat peacefully in Virginia.

In September of 2011 I was at the Nature Awareness School. We sang HU softly and I began to think of things I was grateful for. Del, the Prophet of our times, explained that Rami Nuri had invited us to spiritually visit God’s Holy temple called “The House of Liberation.” This is a sacred Temple of God where Rami Nuri is the teacher and guardian. I was taken there by the Prophet, Del, in what seemed like an instant. The Prophet and I stood outside. The temple was tall and cylindrical with a domed roof. It was beautiful to behold and built with the finest craftsmanship. The material it was made of glowed from within like it was made of light. I had never seen anything like this.

I entered the threshold and saw others were also gathered there to listen to Rami Nuri speak. To paraphrase, he said that the way to liberation is through love in service. Give all the love that you can and in doing so you will be granted riches beyond what you can imagine. By riches he was referring to spiritual wealth. These are the treasures that truly bless and can be kept beyond the grave. Treasures like love, peace, and wisdom. This really rang true to me. To become a conduit of God’s Love is not to be a martyr. As quickly as love is given to another God replenishes it.

After he had finished speaking I turned to see the Holy Book across the room. It appeared as an open book floating over a pedestal, which was also made of the same fine material as the temple. A beam of reflective light cascaded down over the living Word of God, this special Holy Book of living scripture. This light was part of what made the temple. It was alive and moved with purpose. This was unlike any light I was used to seeing on Earth. It was the Light of God! I stood before this sacred Holy Book. The Prophet held my hand. Our hands became a beautiful cup that looked like crystal but was made of light. We dipped the cup into the pages of the Holy Book which had become a pool of light. I drank the light. Prophet and I stepped into the beam of God’s Light and I breathed in deeply. I experienced Divine love while standing in the beam! I had everything I needed in that moment and I felt complete. I so much wanted to bring this love back to my daily life and to other Souls who also thirst for God.

I became aware of love pouring into places in and around me. These were invisible places, as if my very atoms were getting larger and able to hold more light. I kept breathing in this light. Prophet was inches from me now. He was made of light also. Part of him melted into me. Then we came apart. Still holding my hand, he left the beam first then turned to help me. I stepped out slowly. My first step out was so grand! This moment was a special one. I was different. I saw myself as Soul, my true self. I was made of light and I was wearing a garment that flowed around me. I did not walk. I floated. A part of me deep inside was stirred in such a way that I began to cry tears of joy.

This experience is one of many incredible spiritual journeys I have made with the Prophet. This particular experience continues to bless and teach me as I relive and contemplate on the many layers of meaning it holds. I thank you Prophet for taking me to the temple. Remembrance of this experience brings me strength. It sharpens my focus, warms me with appreciation, and reminds me of the Love of God that is present in my life.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass