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God seeks for us to know His Love and He provides countless ways to experience and ultimately to accept His Love. One of the most direct ways to experience God’s Love and Grace is through His Prophet. For those that desire to be receptive to the Love of God that flows through the Prophet, God will find a way.


There was a time when it was difficult for me to truly recognize and appreciate the Divine blessings in my life. I was in a slump and did not know how to get out of it. I know God loves me and sent His Prophet to guide me, but I was not clearly seeing and accepting the abundance of blessings that lay before me. For reasons unknown to me, I was not receptive to God’s Love coming directly through the Prophet. It was like there was an invisible wall that prevented this from happening, and it was slowly depleting me from lack of spiritual nourishment. I could not figure out a way around this barrier on my own, I needed help. Then a beautiful and amazing thing happened. The Prophet answered my prayer for help and found a way around to deliver God’s Love to me and allow the healing to begin.

It started when my wife attended a weekend class with Prophet Del Hall. She has been a pillar of support and love over the years, and gives me so many wonderful reasons to express love and gratitude. While at the retreat, it seems she was filled as a reservoir full of love and light because she returned home from the retreat glowing with an inner radiance and beauty. It was so noticeable and tangible I knew this had to be something special. As she settled in from her trip, waves upon waves of God’s Love radiated from her words and her presence. Love poured into my heart, quenching my thirsty heart and providing everything I needed. I was transformed from the inside out. Waves of love washed over me, filling our home and beyond. This love seemed to have a lasting effect on our children and everyone it touched.

Even though I was undernourished and having a difficult time accepting love from the Prophet, I am loved so much he packaged it in a form that he knew I could accept, my lovely wife. She was the perfect vehicle to deliver what I needed most that day – God’s Love. Spirit found a way to deliver it to me, and it was by God’s Love and Grace that this was possible. Energized and rejuvenated by this experience, I was able to once again recognize the Prophet blessing me with countless opportunities each and every day. This seemed to be a pivotal moment in my spiritual journey, as it provided me with much needed nourishment and strength. It was the start of a healing process that opened my heart to receive more love and blessings directly from the Prophet. This was evident a few days later when Del came to me in a very vivid dream. As he stood before me in the dream I could feel his love for me. My heart was more open and receptive than it had been for a long time. He offered a hug and I fully embraced him and all he had to offer. A flood of emotions came over me as I absorbed the truth that the Prophet loves me now, has always loved me, and will always love me. This was a moment in Eternity, filled with Divine love.

God loves us so much that He knows precisely what we need and when we need it. It is through His grace that He can bring down obstacles and barriers that get between Him and His children. Please know that if you too have a sincere desire to accept God’s Love and blessings through His Prophet, but find an obstacle in the way, there is hope. Your prayers are heard and when the time is right, he will find a way to bring down the walls and send Divine love to you in a perfectly personalized package that you can accept.

Written by Chris Hibshman