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God always has a chosen Prophet here on Earth to help lead His children home. Those who listen with their heart will know his voice when they hear it.

I first met Del Hall in 1994 before he became God’s chosen Prophet. We met at a longbow-making class at a wilderness school. Everyone worked on their bows in an open area outside. We used mostly simple hand tools such as draw knives and hand scrapers which made very little noise, making it easy to overhear conversations around me as I worked on my bow. Del worked nearby, maybe thirty feet away. He was next to another man, a gregarious fellow, who was more than willing to expound on whatever came to mind. He was entertaining to listen to and pass the time as I worked, but his words were easily forgotten. In contrast I noticed that whenever Del spoke, however briefly, there was much to ponder. I was pulled in not just by his words, but by a special tone that conveyed so much more. I heard wisdom, love, peace, patience, experience, knowing, authority, and more. I did not have the discernment at that time to recognize these specific qualities, but deep down as Soul I knew something special was going on. At first I found myself cocking an ear in Del’s direction whenever he spoke. As the week progressed I moved my work closer and closer to him, drawn by his presence. My understanding at the time was so very limited. I can now identify it as Soul hearing truth.

After that bow making workshop I eventually contacted Del and was accepted as one of his students. I began to attend Del’s retreats at the Nature Awareness School. One of the first things Del shared was how to sing HU, a beautiful love song to God. It has become a spiritual cornerstone for me. My life has been filled with God’s blessings in growing measure ever since. Del introduced me and others to some of the same past Prophets that continued to train him. Together they escorted us into the Heavens, the inner worlds of God. They began to teach us the “Language of the Divine,” including the language of dreams. They taught us that dreams are very real experiences, spiritual gold mines of love in many forms such as prophecy, information, healings, and more. From these Heavenly Worlds, which are some of God’s “many mansions” mentioned in the Bible, we brought back profound gifts of love. Del helped us identify the gifts, examine them closely, and more deeply appreciate their truly profound value. Without his help and commitment to blessing us we would have missed so much.

The gratitude, for these profound blessings, that was nurtured helped us grow in our capacity to give and receive God’s Love. With increasing gratitude our hearts became more open so we could accept more blessings from God. We were blessed to be caught in an upward spiral. These blessings came through direct experiences with Holy Spirit, God’s Light and Sound. This happened sometimes in dreams and at other times in full waking consciousness, depending upon each student’s needs and growing capacity to accept God’s Love. Spirit knew the timing, packaging, and content of the spiritual gifts each of us needed to grow. Del taught and demonstrated that with God there is always more. Del taught us there are always more blessings to see, experience, and appreciate. The blessings came as healings, purification, wisdom, release of age-old inner burdens, and deepening peace. There is always more room to grow spiritually.

As time passed I began to realize Del Hall was a very special teacher of a high order. He never verbally claimed this himself, but his loving presence and actions spoke volumes. As I understand it, the more Del served and blessed us, the more he also grew in preparation for becoming the Prophet. Through God’s Grace I was blessed to be present at the Nature Awareness School at this time. It was through a dream that I received confirmation that Del was indeed one of God’s special servants or representatives here on the planet, a distributor and conduit for God’s blessings. In this dream I had a number of adventures and experiences in the inner worlds that left me with many unanswered questions. While still in this very vivid dream, I asked for help and guidance. I hoped that one of the past Prophets would respond to my prayer. Del approached me from out of a nearby crowd. He promptly reached into my mouth with a pair of pliers and yanked out an old filling. To my surprise this action was painless. Del told me I did not need it any more. I had been given some sort of spiritual healing, the nature of which was not revealed. Del was the deliverer of this healing from God. He delivered this blessing in the same loving manner, without fanfare, that I had come to recognize in other past Prophets. As Soul I considered this to be perfectly natural. This dream blessed me with both a personal healing and a confirmation of my growing certainty about Del. Without ongoing help and training in the language of dreams, I would not have the eyes to see the blessings in this dream. Through this dream I was reassured that I could trust what my heart told me, strengthening my inner truth detector.

In the years that followed this healing enabled me to accept profound gifts and additional healings from God. God’s blessings for us are boundless, but our mental capacity to accept them is finite. The real me, Soul, is not confined by mental limitations. Learning to live as Soul is an ongoing process of spiritual growth. As I have learned from Del Hall, God’s current Prophet, there is always more to our growth and more to God’s blessings. God created us, Soul, because He loves us. God continues to bless us because He will always love us.

Written by Irv Kempf